What to do in Los Angeles with kids

Los Angeles it is one of the tourist cities par excellence in the United States. The world off Hollywood and all the attractions that surround it, attract every year millions of tourists who are curious to touch the city where the cinema was born, and that makes it particularly suitable for families. Visiting the City of Angels with children is therefore an excellent idea given the varied tourist offer available. For a complete overview of the things to see in Los Angeles, I refer you to the dedicated article from Travel-USA, in this article we will instead focus on the most interesting attractions suitable for families, the best things to do in Los Angeles with children. Here is our selection:


It is quite obvious that the first destination to consider for families is Disneyland in Anaheim, the first Disney theme park, designed by Walt Disney himself and opened on July 17, 1955. This park includes 2 more inside: Disneyland Park And Disney’s California Adventurethe first is the classic Disney theme park where your kids will get in touch with the most traditional characters and attractions in the Disney world, the second is a little more modern and also oriented to an adult audience and you will also find yourself a entire section dedicated to the Star Wars world: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Both parks require separate entrance tickets, so consider this carefully before choosing.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is the second theme park to compete with Disneyland for the best theme park in Los Angeles. The theme is cinema, and each carousel, show or attraction is based on the reconstruction of famous Hollywood movies, such as Transformers, Jurassic Park, Fast & Furious, The minions, King Kong, The Simpsons and many others. The real highlight of this park, however, is the ride inside the film sets, an authentic immersive experience complete with surprise effects. Another point in favor of this park is the presence of an entire area dedicated to Harry Potter that will make Rowling’s book – loving children happy.

Pacific Aquarium

If your kids are fascinated by sea life, you should definitely go for it Long beach to see this famous aquarium visited by more than 1 million tourists a year. More than 11,000 animals are housed inside the aquarium, and there is no shortage of penguins, sharks, sea turtles, seals and other magnificent specimens of the Pacific Ocean. The experience of the aquarium is not only limited to admiring the fauna it hosts, but also to activities such as the close encounter with the animals and the opportunity to feed them with one of the staff.
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Visit the world-famous stretch of Hollywood Boulevard as Walk of Fame (so-called because stars have been placed on the sidewalk in honor of famous movie and entertainment characters) can also be an exciting experience for children. A tip? Take another trip Ripley’s believe it or not!, a museum of quirks that can amaze anyone. Also take another trip Hollywood and the Highlandsa mall, from whose mezzanine you can see the famous Hollywood sign, and which your children will love for its fountain water.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Park is home to the city’s most important astronomical observatory. Here young and old can admire the expanses of the universe; my advice is to attend a show on Samuel Oschin Planetarium (for a fee), which thanks to the use of a state-of-the-art star projector will give you the feeling of really being in space. But that’s not all. The observatory is housed inside Griffith Parka beautiful park where you can walk some paths in the open air and admire the famous Hollywood sign on the hill from a good position.

Santa Monica Pier

Staying on the theme of theme parks, you can not ignore the Santa Monica pier, famous worldwide for its amusement park (Pacific Park) and the recognizable Ferris wheel. Here you will find all the typical attractions of any amusement park with self-respect, so fun for your children is guaranteed. Are you looking for an opportunity for a selfie? Do not forget to make a hole in front of the sign marking the end of the route Route 66. After visiting the amusement park you can also take advantage of it for a nice walk on the large beach of Santa Monica, one of the most iconic and representative of Los Angeles.

Knott’s Berry Farm

Many will think that the oldest amusement park in Los Angeles is the one designed by Walt Disney, but this is not the case. More than 30 years earlier, in 1920, the Knott family devised one western amusement park to improve its restaurant, and from there began the story of Knott’s Berry Farm, a park that will delight children of all ages as it includes ruthless rides to meet the tastes of adults, but also those more suitable for younger children.

Natural History Museum

The Los Angeles Museum of Natural History boasts a collection of approximately 35 million specimens and artifacts that testify to a historical span of approximately 4.5 billion years. Impressive not? But that’s certainly not why your kids will love it. In fact, here Dinosaur Hall, an exhibition on 2 floors containing 20 reconstructions of dinosaur skeletons, impossible to resist! But there is more: The paid show is also performed in the museum Dinosaur encounterswhere life-size dinosaur dolls come on stage, reconstructed with great detail by the museum’s paleontologists.

California Science Center

This science museum located in Exposition Park is definitely one of the absolute must see attractions for kids in Los Angeles. Here, your children can observe the birth of the cubs, take part in an earthquake simulation or take a virtual journey into the universe aboard the space shuttle. The immersive film projections should not be underestimated IMAX dedicated to asteroids, marine life and lost historical civilizations. Of course, this museum will also be a good opportunity for you adults, especially if you are fascinated by space travel, as it includes an entire exhibition dedicated to the subject.

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