Theater at school, what a show

Budget times, holiday times, but also planning times: in fact, working in school management is an endless circular path; The Treia complex is no exception to this rule, where among the many activities this year that have just been completed, various theater courses and workshops were held at the three levels of the school: childhood, primary school and primary school.


Comprehensive Institute “E. Paladini” by Treia

The initiative, which had the school management, the municipal administration and the Valenti theater company as the main drivers, made use of the theater organizer and director Francesco Facciolli’s multifunctional experience, assisted by the teachers in the various classes. “It was a very interesting road,” says leader Angela Fiorillo, “which involved all the students in the primary school. The courses included various activities: Kamishibai workshops for kindergartens, reading projects for high schools and theater projects for primary school students. The Theater at School Project, included in the Paladini Institute’s three-year education offer, promotes laboratory teaching, a profitable teaching-learning method aimed at promoting more skills: from relational and social skills to those for the improvement of creativity and expressive and artistic languages. The theatrical, expressive reading and Kamishibai workshops also emphasize the dynamics and inclusive approaches needed to expand the opportunities for active participation of our students in school. In the performance of the theatrical laboratory activities, each student in the class group actually gets the opportunity to feel active and the main character in full sharing with his classmates – emphasizes the leader -. Finally, the theater project provides an opportunity to practice various forms of non-verbal communication, which are sometimes neglected, but which prove to be very useful and universal, such as body language and emotions. From the monitoring carried out at the end of the school year on the projects carried out at the school, it is emphasized how important the Theater Project was for the development of a number of rich in skills and abilities – continues Angela Fiorillo -. The collegiate bodies responsible for the participation of class representatives were opportunities for discussion about the projects launched at the school: the families’ appreciation of the theatrical activities was unanimous, as well as the recognition of the expert’s professionalism. Therefore, the Paladini Institute intends to continue the fruitful collaboration with the theater expert director Facciolli, with the theater company Valenti and with the municipal administration in Treia, always careful to offer answers to the school for expanding the educational offer and re-propose the Theater Project for the school year 2022-23 ».


Francesco Facciolli

“The experience was extraordinary in terms of content and interest – comments theater operator Francesco Facciolli – so much so that many parents have expressed their satisfaction on very different occasions. I do not discover the good in these trails, but if I have to add something related to Treia- experience, it seems to me that I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the benefits of these activities have been very clear, especially in those children who, through theater, express what they sometimes fail to do with classical curriculum. this time, when much has been taken away from students by the usual and necessary sociality and relationships for their age, theater manifests even more as a coast to land to regain some important values ​​such as communication, comparison, self-esteem, attention and concentration.I also goes out, as every time, enriched by these deep experiences ».

The municipal administration strongly wanted and supported this initiative, proposed by the Valenti company: “Convinced and confident to make an excellent investment in the youngest part of the citizens – declares City Councilor David Buschittari – we followed this invitation that came from the Valenti company, however already similarly active in other municipalities, certainly also interpret the wishes of school management as a whole and society.Relations between institutions must always aim to improve the quality of actions aimed at people: In this case, we are talking about the new generations, and attention must increase The theater business performed was excellent in the way and purpose; we will certainly continue in this direction and extend the offer to all classes ».


The necessary programming, at the end of the courses and workshops for the next school year, after analyzing the results obtained, was started a few days ago in the presence of the leader Angela Fiorillo, the collaborator Sara Coluccini, Professor Federico Teloni, the Deputy Mayor David Buschittari , the operator Francesco Facciolli and the president of the company Valenti Fabio Macedoni. The desire to continue and expand the offer was confirmed; we will go into detail in some time, but common sense is that we will try to institutionalize this kind of cooperation.

“A good test of the collaboration has been achieved – says Fabio Macedoni – which over time will improve in terms of the number of students reached and in terms of solidity and duration in the programming. In short, we will try to make this theatrical presence in the school stable, as usually happens in other European countries (at the expense of the state) by increasing resources and as a company creating a theater school for those who want to participate. , when school is over. Scholastic experience. We are working together, school, administration and company to make this idea operational next autumn ».

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