“The section in Ferrera Kindergarten must not close”, the parents’ call to the principal

The theme for population decline will necessarily be at the heart of important, hopefully, policy decisions and programs for the next few years. national and European level. It is about the future of society as a whole, and the first signs of this new scenario are beginning to be felt: Schools are in danger of closing. It is estimated that in the Varese area there is a negative difference of 1700 children born between 2011 and 2018. Translated? Fewer students in 2022/2023 and the coming years for kindergartens, classes (or even schools) closing.

Births are collapsing, schools are closing

Even in Ferrera, a small town in the upper province of Varese, between Valganna and Valcuvia, the signs of change are beginning to be felt and The decision to close one of the kindergarten’s two departments is in the air. However, that is also true the small number of subscribers in January increased in the following months, gives good hope of maintaining the two-class structure. Therefore, the parents of Provveditore appealed to evaluate the election well, considering that if a department were to close, its eventual reopening after one (or more) years of “stop” would involve a major effort for the department, making the possibility remote. .

Here is the text of the letter written by the parents of the principal:

Dear Mr. Principal

We are the parents of the students at the Infant School in Ferrera di Varese, a school belonging to the ICS Vaccarossi di Cunardo.

We hereby address you a formal request to be able to keep the two school sections active also for the school year 2022/2023. The very specific possibility that one of the two sections may be closed has been brought to attention because the number of enrolled students at the end of January did not allow activation of the other section. From a subsequent discussion with the didactic secretariat, we learned that after that date, there have been other registrations that would allow us to keep another section active.

Ferrera di Varese kindergarten is a small reality that has received children also from neighboring countries and over the years has activated innovative projects to ensure an ever better standard of education and training, while maintaining special care and attention to our sons’ well-being. The closure of a class and the consequent “grouping” of children into a single section means that the relationship would be of 1 teacher with 27 children, and the company of two teachers would only be guaranteed for a few hours a day.

The needs and requirements of small children are many and varied, the children in the kindergarten require special attention, and we fear that this may go beyond the didactic and planning level.

The decline in births in the Varese area has already affected enrollment in infant centers, kindergartens and primary schools

Furthermore, our fear is also related to the fact that the kindergartens’ wards in these two years with covid-emergency have been managed as separate wards with different entrances and rooms. The children did not interact with each other and in some cases they do not know each other and do not know the teachers in the section to which they do not belong.

This can certainly not be a valid reason to maintain the two sections, but also in the light of the subsequent registrations received and our children’s well-being, we ask that our request be taken into account and that the other department also be kept active.

We are sure of your interest and we look forward to a kind reply and we will send you our best regards. “

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