the province’s first choice and then schools. What steps to take

The Ministry of Education will shortly initiate the procedures for entering the role of 2022/23. To participate in the assignment of roles, interested parties must submit two specific online applications. Which cases? What steps to take?


According to what was announced by Minister Bianchi, the positions to be allocated for employment in the role should be 65,000. However, in order to get the exact number, it is necessary to wait for the approval of the MEF and the publication of the resulting ministerial decree with the quota for entry into the role of teaching staff at all levels of education as 2022/23.


Candidates for “regular” registrations for the role are those who are included in the ranking until exhaustion and in the competition’s merit rankings. In fact, employment is done by deducting 50% from GaE and 50% from GM (the latter is deducted according to a precise order and according to defined percentages).

We remind you that the aforementioned ordinary phase of entry into the role will be followed by Speed ​​dial and the extraordinary recruitment procedure from the first support bracket of GPS, in case of vacancies and vacancies left.


In order to participate in the roles, the aforementioned candidates must submit two different applications, which must be submitted according to different time scales:

  1. “Computerization of appointments in role – Expression of preferences in the provincial class of the competition / type of place”: this first application is completed in order to indicate the preference order of provinces / competition class / type of place (candidates for the GMs choose in preference order the provinces of the region where they conducted the competition, together with competition class / place type; candidates included in GaE, on the other hand, does not select the province, which is the one included in the ranking, but only the competition class / type of place);
  2. Computerization Agreements in the Role – Expression of Seat Preferences “: this second application is completed by the recipient of the designation by assigning the province / competition class / type of site to indicate the order of preference for the available sites / schools to be allocated.

Specifically, the aspiring teachers who are enrolled in the aforementioned rankings and included in the series of posts indicated by the regional school offices present the first application and subsequently the second (subject to the allocation of the province). To this end, the aforementioned USRs publish specific notices.

Applications are submitted via online agencies, which can be accessed with SPID, CIE, eIDAS credentials or with those from the reserved area in the Ministry of Education that are valid.

Step filling questions

For both first and second instance, the steps to be taken to submit the application, which we read in the Ministerial Guidelines, are as follows:

  • access the main page of “Online Instances” (public website for the service with your credentials);
  • fill out the application;
  • update, If necessary, the previously entered data (using the “Edit” function);
  • Insert, If necessary, the documents to be attached contextual to the application;
  • submit your application (using the “Forward” function). The submission must be made before the date specified as the deadline for submitting applications. Upon submission, the system will create a document in “PDF” format, which will be inserted in the “Archive” section of the website, containing the completed application form.

To verify the accuracy of the submission, the applicant can perform the following actions:

  1. check the reception of the email containing confirmation of submission and application in PDF format;
  2. confirm this by accessing the view on the instancethe same is in the “Forwarded” status;
  3. access the “Archive” section. present on Istanze’s personal website online and verify that the application form contains all information.

In the event that the interested party after the transmission notices errors or intends to change the data entered, he must proceed as follows:

  1. delete forwarding;
  2. make the changes;
  3. continue with a new submission.

That said, i.e. cancellation of the previously completed forwarding and resubmission of the application is possible within the set deadlines for submission of applications.

Posts in the role of teachers 2022: the procedure will be on online instances. GUIDE TO CHOOSE PROVINCE. USR messages

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