The meaning of freedom

It’s suspicious there the will of the crisis, as men so lost that they do not notice the step on the edge of the abyss would not be the least imaginable. This is Here I amif the disease was not enough, we add war, a destructive connection without a glimmer of salvation. There are individuals, groups, powers, thinkers – let’s say – of ruin, who want to use diseases and wars to desertify humanity? They consider themselves unrelated to floodwhilehumanity perish? And why should humanity skeletonize?

Here’s the question: it’s useless to pretend you don’t understand. The result of chaos it has fallen into human presence. Has man become superfluous? Who dares “disrespect“A lot blasphemy! Man, the latest coin of the high-efficiency Nature! And it would even be obliterated of man, a cannibal man. And instead? Man is created superfluous. Unfortunately, everything falls apart. In a few years, the production systems will not need man: they will even deployintelligence who leads, organizes, establishes, connects funds and goals. They will make man a waste. The course of Science he wanted this result and challenged it: to free man from work, believing that this liberation was time for creativitythat restthat pleasure, life, forget that if you want a profit without workers, then problems arise, the hefty. A man who does not work does not consume. Leisure is not necessarily the time that is free from work, but also the time for boredomof violence, of not knowing what to do. Many have deceived themselves about leisure time: no, it is by no means certain that it will be dedicated to spirit.

What should we do? From a not distant perspective, it is necessary to consider, even today, how to pour production even to those who do not work or work little. How to make productive systems social: the production even of those who work minimally should be widespread not on the side of requestbut on the side ofoffer. All utopias have reduced working hours and increased the supply of goods for increased productivity (especially theorists close to us, from nineteenth century). At present, there are problems with power which distorts the trend. In the future, they will disappear.

So? If man becomes more and more superfluous, he will be eliminated. do we make fun? No, it’s already happening: wars, diseases, the next economic downturn will destroy humanity. Some are even excited about an exponential war. To diminish the effervescent humanity? I think. Is there a project? I do not know, it certainly will. War Total? I do not know, but the decline of humanity is certain. Who wants to survive, wants a job? Will we thereby solve the human surplus? I do not know.

Meanwhile, there is the present, which is tragic. We want to reverse the process of history, namely, among other things means of production they are very powerful, widespread and can not be limited. We have production systems that are capable of spreading across the planet that intend to evolve everywhere and someone will prevent that. But has it always been like this: markets, competition? It has never been “like that”, as we have never had this productive power and so many countries that want to grow. The world is one outbreak. People buried and subjugated rise again, the means of production now allow every society to rise. There China here she is in the front row, theIndia, the very miserable India, also presents itself. The deceased Russia Soviet, it has no longer fallen Russia, nor is it no longer Soviet. The very old one Egypt look for a place like Turkey. AndAfrica… There is no inactive place, why? Because there are the means, the great purpose of capitalism in it he achieved his innate result: modernization of the planet, industrialization of it.

Can we stop it? It seems impossible to me. But if they all produce, there will not be one competitive abundance, a need for markets? Demand must expand as supply increases. If we all produce, the more we consume everything. If there is competition, it would be war to try to prevent it. But even competition can trigger war! And if the machines, the intelligence grafted into the machines, the inexhaustible energy will slowly make man superfluous, how will those who have no work buy?

We will reduce the work, we will invent other jobs, there is a lot to do if we want. A sociologist friend from a previous century (!), Emile Durkheim, he believed that we arouse work when it is not there. This drained, begging grant, which glimpses it problem of not working but does not provide a systematic solution. Do we want to think organically about it? Of course! Instead of diminishing humanity through wars, pandemics and economic ruin, we extend the benefits of the power of productive systems to all of humanity. There is room for everyone. If we want to make room for everyone. It’s so obvious!

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