Scratching post for cats, do-it-yourself models

Scratching post for cats, do-it-yourself models

If you have a cat, one of the most important accessories to have is the scratching post. Whether it’s homemade or purchased, it can not be lacking in your home. Today we will deal with DIY cat scratching post: because it’s easy to buy, but if you’m good at it DIY you can create bespoke models to suit your home and your cat’s preferences.

What is the scraper post for?

in’etogram of the cat that scratching behavior in cats: this is a natural behavior. All cats scratch surfaces, it is innate in them. Flap can use scraper post for several reasons.

First and foremost, it benefits them get your nails done and always keep them sharp. Second, they can use the scratching behavior of the surface to mark territory.

Many cats, so even during play and exploratory behavior, so even when they play with you, they look forward to scratching whatever comes their way.

To prevent the cat from deciding to have its nails done on the couch or on the curtains, you should give it valid alternatives. And for “Valid” we think he likes them and not us. Nothing prevents you from having multiple scratching posts at home, even of different models.

DIY cat scratching post

Tower cat scratching post: how to build it?

One of the most popular models is definitely column scraper post or the tower scratching post. There are really spectacular, so beautiful that they also become an original piece of furniture.

Basically these multi-storey scratching post they consist of connecting rods that support platforms and kennels of various sizes and shapes, some even closed. The connecting rods are usually wrapped with thick rope, to encourage cats to use them to get their nails done.

The important thing is that solid and non-toxic materials are used in construction. Given the size of some cats, make sure the structure can carry its weight.

Here on YouTube you will also find a video tutorial on how to make a tower cat scratching post: with a little imagination you can create beautiful variations. If that wasn’t enough, you can also find another video tutorial here (for do-it-yourself enthusiasts).

Make a cat scratching post using old jeans

If you are a little good with a needle and thread, you can make a simple one scratch post with jeans. Take an old pair of jeans that you no longer wear, cut the leg to get a denim cylinder. Now close one side of the cylinder by sewing it, take some foam or even some cotton or old pieces of fabric that you no longer use, and stop the leg.

Finally, sew the other side of the cylinder to seal the padding inside.

Many cats like to have their nails done denimso why not make a cute accessory with jeans?

Cat scratching post: Build it with thick rope and a piece of wood

Another evergreen: the scratch post with thick rope. Just take a piece of wood and wrap it tightly with thick string. Attach the ends so that it does not fray and come off the bottom and it is ready. If you make a loop at the top with the rope, you can also hang it somewhere.

Other models for cats

Ok, maybe they are not really DIY, but an excellent alternative to the classic scratching posts can be me Braided baskets, those used to collect children’s toys or toys. Since many cats like to have their nails done on furniture and sofas, why not offer them a piece of furniture to sharpen their claws on?

Of course, it will be a usable wicker basket: over time, the cat will tear it to pieces. But better than the couch, right?

The important thing is to make the cat believe that it is a used piece of furniture. Maybe you can put clothes inside or leave clean cloths on them where the cat can sleep.

What if I can not make a DIY scratching post?

cat scratching post

If you do not know how to make a DIY cat scratching chair, the only alternative is to buy ready-made in business. If you go to a pet store, you are sure to find a rich selection of models. But simple models are also present in supermarkets which has a department dedicated to pets

You usually find the classics horizontal cardboard scratching posts flavored with catnip.

Therefore, do not forget that you can also find them online: you can find different models of scrape posts on Amazonon Zooplus or up Arkaplanetalso discounteddedicated to both cats than kittens. Did you also know that there is too Ikea scratch post?

Features of the perfect cat scratching post

But what properties should scratching post for cats? Here they are:

  • must like the cat: you can buy it larger scratch postabsolutely beautiful and original (there are also those in the form of palm or wood), but if the cat does not like it, he will never use it
  • size: it must be the right size to please the cat, but it must also be in the house. If you have a small living room, maybe add one scratching post for big cat occupying half the space is not a good idea. In this case, it might be better to put one small scratching post in several of the rooms of the house
  • number: if you have a lot of cats, add more scratching posts around the house. And if you choose to build a tower, create enough platforms to house all the cats
  • must be safe: especially for do-it-yourself models, make sure they are safe for the cat. Use only non-toxic materialsleave no visible edges and fix all the parts well so that the cat can not loosen them and swallow them
  • cost: there is scratching post for cheap cats and others very expensive. Also consider what your financial resources take into account that cats do not always like expensive and designer branded ones, sometimes they are also happy with those found in the base model box

So what are you still doing here? Run now to make one homemade scratch post to your cat.

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