School, ITS reform: Veneto accelerates: “Subscribers doubled in three years”

Lesson at Its Corvallis

The reform of the law on higher technology institutes (ITS). There are about twenty implementing decrees to be approved, but these do not seem to be complicated issues; and at least in Veneto, it is hoped that the system will be able to run at full capacity next year. They talk about it, also satisfied with the content suggested by the categories and welcome, exponents of the world of education and parterre productive, which finally heralds broader opportunities to exploit reservoirs of young people with the right skills: A first step in orienting this system towards professionals capable of driving innovation in companies, says Roberto Boschetto, President of Confartigianato Veneto.

The growth in prices

Today, its Venetian system is supported by eight foundations, thanks to which 54 lanes are open, destined to turn 63 in September. In a two-year period, 2,400 young people are educated, to 1,200 students a year; according to the plans, they were to double in three years. 12% of the candidates from the 121 ITS Italians leave the Veneto regionwhich the NRP allocates DKK 1.5 billion. (one-third immediately) for over a five-year period.Finally – highlights Enrico Del Sole, CEO of Corvallis and creator of the first case of ITS housing” activated in a company, one for Cyber ​​Security expert, 25 vacancies with elections from 20 to 22 July resource security, which is no longer tied to annual calls, allows for multi-year programming of training projects. The new system will definitely work: already86% of ITS students find a job the day after graduation.

New members: increase the female component

The question now is to attract subscribers, also given the unfavorable demographics. It is necessary to do this with the female component, today between 12% and 15% of the members, and also with those leaving the high schools, as its three-year courses are comparable to a degree. a communication challenge that we will have to face – Del Sole closes – also thanks to new courses in tourism and fashion. but the same norm that invites pushing on the female component reminds us in this regard Cristiano Perale, President of the Newborn Coordination of its academies in Veneto, recalling that the projects also include redevelopment initiatives to reintegrate women who have moved from the workplace for various reasons. And if the human resources for the next three to four years will still be physically scarce in number, the collaboration with the universities will be fundamental: We will work on the recovery of students who have broken the path; we know that in faculties such as engineering or architecture you go from 60% to 70% of the abandonmentthat. Young people who have never been tracked – Perale adds – and who are now becoming useful to keep track of.

Funds for new offices

Another interesting aspect the opportunity to use the funds to achieve dedicated locations to avoid the confusion of ITS classrooms at other colleges. In this sense, specific interventions are planned in Padua, Verona and Treviso. Francesco Nalini, CEO of Carel and CEO of Education for Assindustria Venetocentro, is among the most qualifying points in the new law the recognition of the role of companies next to the school: 60% of the teaching staff must come from companies – he emphasizes – and It is recommended that the chairman of the funds also have this extraction. THATThe world of production and work is developing very fast, and a close exchange with training environments is fundamental.

Double the number of members in three years

Among the critical elements of the law, Nalini focuses on the somewhat generic nature of some topics, such as the bridge between ITS and universities, i.e. activity. Topics referred to the decrees. In any case, we must aim much higher than doubling the number of members in three years, compared to comparisons with other European countries. And to this – concludes the Avc exponent – I think it is much more useful for the various funds to strengthen more than for new ones to emerge.

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