Rava Foundation and Snaitech, “Children in Goal”: the project to support the family home in Milan, Rome and Florence

Even this year Rava Fonden And Snaitech have joined forces on the project “Children in goal”whose naming would be reminiscent of the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 17 Sustainable Development Goals envisaged by the 2030 Agenda signed by UN member states.

“One child at a time, from the street to the exam”: in these few words the founder of Francesca Rava Fonden NPH Italia Onlus Fader William Wasson could summarize the NPH Foundation’s goal of creating a better future for the children who are welcomed in the homes supported by NPH and for children and young people in our country. A compass that has always guided the Rava Foundation, and which for more than 10 years has represented the common foundation on which the partnership with iZilove Foundation, a Snaitech charity, was born.

In all these years of cooperation, help and support for children in difficulty has in fact always been the common denominator that binds the numerous initiatives developed.

Our partnership with the Francesca Rava Foundation has given us the opportunity throughout these years to give our support to hundreds of young people and children in difficulty, thus creating a positive impact also on the reference communities in Family Homes supported by the Foundation. “- he has declared Fabio Schiavolin, CEO of Snaitech. “We are particularly pleased to be able to triple our support this year through Bambini in Goal, a unique project with a triple soul that we share and that integrates perfectly with our CSR activity, which aims to contribute to the achievement of The SDGs “.

Children in Goal includes three different initiatives – linked to three specific SDGs – designed for the three different locations of family homes supported by the Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus Foundation: Milan, Rome and Florence.

Children in goal – Life on land (SDG 15): Within the Good Shepherd community of Milan, the “Isole fiorite” project, inaugurated in 2021, will continue in 2022, thanks to which the children could participate in horticultural workshops and create a small kitchen garden in pots. The young people who took part in the project were enthusiastic, which is why the Francesca Rava Foundation, together with the iZilove Foundation, chose to enlarge the garden and thus provide continuity to the initiative.
The project in question contributes to the achievement of SDG 15, Life On Land, which consists of “Protection, restoration and promotion of sustainable use of the terrestrial ecosystem”.

During the preparation and planting of the plants, the children will “play” with the soil (sensory experience), and then move on with the foundation’s garden therapist to create the flower bed with the flare and the arrangement of the selected essences.

Children in goal – education (SDG 4): in the home of the “Casa Betania” family in Rome, the iZilove Foundation will support the education initiative, devised by the Francesca Rava Foundation to give children and young people the opportunity to visit museums, exhibitions, participate in theater performances and much more. The project stems from a basic premise: the first prevention against school dropout is teaching “beauty”, which is able to generate experiences that expand the emotional, cognitive and behavioral potential of individuals and communities. The education initiative – which contributes to SDG 4 “Providing quality, fair and inclusive education and learning opportunities for all” – will consist of the realization of 8 cultural ‘excursions’ in the city / province of Rome.

Children in goal – Gender equality (SDG 5): The third and final initiative planned by the Children in Goal project is aimed at the children of the “Chicco di Grano” family in Florence. The Francesca Rava Foundation, together with the iZilove Foundation, will in fact give the children welcomed by the Chicco di Grano home the opportunity to participate in theater lessons, the leitmotif of which will be female empowerment and gender equality. Through the theater, it is possible to educate students in communication, knowledge of themselves, about their own body and thus contribute to SDG 5: “Acheing gender equality and empowering all women and girls”.

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