Preview of the new Cannavacciuolo resort in Tuscany: Laqua Vineyard

“To welcome today means to share, with those we welcome, what we are, without filters, conditioning, to be authentic, to be ourselves,” he begins. Cinzia Primatesta Cannavacciuolo, asked what for her represents the soul of her company. Successful manager, mother of two and wife of Antonino Cannavacciuolofor her simply “Tony“, We had already met her at the time of the post-pandemic restart (click here to read the article) to question her about the future, which in her opinion should meet with a new spirit, new energy, in short, with” new eyes “. The same who have enabled her to always be one step ahead, to pull the strings of an empire, The Cannavacciuolo Groupwithout ever giving a show of its own.

To Cinzia one can only “welcome with the soul, the heart, with the pure intention of making the person we have before feel good, because he has chosen us, he came to us, and for this we feel that we are have to give him everything we know to give that we have learned to give over the years.It is a job that is done both internally and externally, but then the person feels, gets something to take home and why not, even the desire for to return, “he explained.” It’s the story of a company, theirs, that began its rise twenty years ago on Lake Orta with Relais Villa Crespihistoric residence converted into a 5-star luxury hotel, on the circuit Relais & Châteauxhome of bistellato Antonino Cannavacciuolo restaurant. An all-round offering that makes hospitality, familiar and genuine, an excellence recognized worldwide. An empire that also has two bistros, both with 1 Michelin star, one Turin And Novaraand a collection of hotels, Laqua Resorts, which continues to grow. After Meta di Sorrento, Ticciano and Lake Orta, the fourth structure has just been inaugurated, for the first time in Tuscany.

Laqua Vineyard is actually located in the small Etruscan village Casanova delle Spinettein the municipality of Terricciola, between Pisa and Volterra, in natural surroundings made of suggestions, scents, colors. “This is our first time outside Piedmont and Campania, but we are confident that a destination like this, so loved internationally, with great potential, will be for us an invaluable legacy from which we can begin to see, together, towards the future. ” they say in chorus. “In this case, too, we have tried to bring the place’s culture, DNA and atmosphere to the resort, both in the style of the decor and in the choice of partners, who must thus be able to convey the place’s authenticity. , be a reminder of that, “he said Cinzia. That’s not all. “The territory is also fundamental in the choice of raw material: when we make the menu, we draw on local products and cellars”.

Authenticity, Italian spirit and the feeling of belonging to a particular territory. To unite all the structures is in place The DNA of Cannavacciuolo hospitality, which tries to make guests feel at home: “It is the same as the others in the spirit that identifies all the resorts in the Laqua collection. The manic care from me and from Antonino of the details we really put our soul into everything we create for guests. We want them to feel the heart of those who serve and welcome them, they must eat well with the highest quality products and an interesting cuisine that stimulates, and they must also feel good in the hospitality, they must sleep well, have a cozy room “. Developed in two floors, the farmhouse, where it opens today Laqua winery boasts a large space dedicated to the restaurant, which is named here Cannavacciuolo Vineyard Restaurant and as in summer also welcomes guests in the private garden.

In the central part of the farmhouse, the restaurant is the main character with the open kitchen, the large tasting table – “Social table” – where you can meet, preferably at home with friends or for special occasions together and it “Private” – the table that, thanks to the decor, becomes the restaurant’s most intimate and reserved. Curated by Lamatilde Studio, it reminds of the association and the main characters of the place – Rhinoceros of the neighbor The vineyard La Spinettaand moonborrowed from the brand’s golden buttons Cannavacciuolo.

The social table

That Social table

The interior is handled by Lamatilde Studio

The interior is handled by Lamatilde Studio

For the first time outside Campania and Piedmont, Antonino brings here in Tuscany his cooking philosophy, his taste, his technique, also drawing inspiration for new disheswhich occurs when using local produce and from his personal encounter with Tuscany. It is precisely the native products, the protagonists of the dishes, that Antonino has created for this new address of its flavors. Thaw taste menu and an à la carte: among the proposals Spaghetti, pepper extract, cod fillet, lemon powder and Pigeon, potato and green apple salad, rhubarb chutney. At the head of the brigade in the new restaurant, the head chef Marco Surianoalready at Villa Crespi and with different experiences in some hotel icons.

The interior of one of the apartments in the new Laqua Vineyard resort in Borgo di Casanova in the province of Pisa

The interior of one of the apartments in the new Laqua Vineyard resort in Borgo di Casanova in the province of Pisa

Intimate and inviting space shapes 6 apartments, inspired by the concept home, characterized by an elegant and minimalist design. All different, they have different names inspired by mythological stories: Amor, Aphrodite, Narcissus, Eurydice, Dionysus, Penelope, with a story of various proofs of love that come to life in the interior, through objects and interior accessories. Soon there will also be a private outdoor pool, for resort guests, overlooking the vineyards.

A new adventure therefore begins, but in the name of continuity. After all, from the beginning, Cinzia And Tony they were among the first to deal with both catering and hospitality: «Thinking of Villa Crespi already in 1999, when we opened, we were hospitality and we were also fine dining, that’s true ‘.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Cinzia Primatesta in the wonderful setting of Villa Crespi, two Michelin stars (as well as a wonderful resort) in Orta San Giulio, Novara

Antonino Cannavacciuolo And Cinzia Primatesta in the wonderful surroundings of Villa Crespi, two Michelin stars (as well as a wonderful resort) in Orta San Giulio, Novara

What made you choose this path? “More than a push to think it was a push to be because both me and Antonino we come from an education that is both restorative and hospitable, we are strongly convinced that the two things are an added value to each other, they lift each other, they add value to each other. These two elements make the experience more complete – like yin and yang, masculine and feminine, so the combination of both elements ensures that the experience is truly complete, ”he explained.

An experience that will last forever if you take the time to enjoy it to the fullest Cinziaaway from all the everyday condition. “A lunch or dinner allows us to” disconnect “one day, but the fact of being able to sleep, spend the night, disconnect the head from everyday thoughts, spend the night in a reality that is different from every day, today is even more important for 20 years ago, because it allows you to regenerate yourself – Not only that: it leaves an important imprint in the restaurant experience, because by staying there you have time to internalize it, to understand many nuances, all important aspects , which leads us to a slowdown and to know how to live – when life today, on the contrary, always leads us to do things in a hurry ‘.

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