Omicron variant children, what are the risks

Omicron variant for children: what are the risks, the likelihood of infection, how to prevent and when Long Covid occurs

Omicron variant for children

The new waves of Covid-19 they do not seem to stop, and eventually they affect everyone: vaccinated, already infected and cured, young and old. Omicron is actually the most contagious and spares no one, although fortunately it has much milder symptoms than the previous variants, and the serious effects are also limited by vaccines. To date, it is also the only widespread in Italy, which is why it is important to know more about it Omicron variant, children and the course of the disease.

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Are children becoming more infected with Omicron?

Omicron appeared at the end of 2021 and already in the first weeks of 2022 it was the most circulating in Italy: to date it is the only variant present in our country, even though we have reached the “five” version. The symptoms mainly affect upper respiratory tract, hence nose and throat, and rarely falls into the lungs. However, vaccines protect against the most serious effects, especially for risk categories. Omicron variant, children and the increase in cases, however, is one of the aspects to be kept under control during this period.

Children are no longer infected more absolutely, but follow the trend of the rest of the population: this variant spreads much faster, also thanks to the lowering of protective measures. With closed schools, one might think that cases are destined to go down, but let’s not forget summer camps, oratorios, swimming pools, campuses … But what happens if a child takes Omicron?

The effects of Omicron on children

But what if one child today becomes ill from Covid-19 and therefore with the variant Omicron? In general, the effects are those of a maximum influence, more often than a “cooling”:

  • sore throat
  • greasy or dry cough
  • cold and runny nose
  • fever
  • articular pain
  • vomiting / diarrhea

Sometimes fever it may be loud, but it is less common and generally lasts a short time. Cough may be more persistent. In fact, according to recent studies, with Omicron children are more likely to develop the so-called crossa kind of airway obstruction caused by narrowing of the larynx. In the case of ticks, children develop a barking cough accompanied by stridor and hoarseness.

However, despite a higher incidence than the other variants of the junction, the hospitalizations and the serious consequences of infections in children they have not undergone increases.

But we continue to talk about Long Covid, that is, the long-term effects that the infection has on the body: asthenia, apathy, insomnia and sleep disorders, lack of appetite, persistent cough can be some of the symptoms. If after a few months it looks like your child is still not in shape, talk to his doctor.

How to protect children from Omicron

In general, the rules apply to avoid, among other things infection they are always the same. With cessation of the use of masksHowever, it becomes more difficult to protect oneself and especially children, especially if they participate in summer camps and community activities. But it is important to try to preserve them as well so as not to spread the infections further. Where possible, therefore:

  • remind them wash your hands often and use disinfectant gels
  • they must have their own things, without swap them with the others
  • they had better stay distance minimal from other children
  • if you go to crowded places, wear it maybe
  • do not hang out with people with cough, colds or other symptoms if not strictly necessary
  • if anyone has Covid indoors, isolate him

Finally, protect your children vaccination.

There Omicron variant it is certainly less serious than the others, but Covid is unpredictable and we must not fail our guard. For this reason, it is better to remain cautious and protect children in order to protect the entire population, especially the most fragile, and also to avoid the more serious effects, albeit rare.

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