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Kindergarten ‘C. The Collodi ‘di Sferracavallo in Orvieto will be restructured, and from September teaching will be temporarily transferred to an appropriate structure to ensure the continuity of school activities. This was decided by the city council, which approved a political law incorporating the results of the analyzes on the security assessment of the Sferracavallo property. There are two solutions: rent a suitable property or rent a modular prefabricated structure.

Collodi school In the technical report and calculation of the seismic vulnerability, delivered on 7 July 2022 by engineer Marco Sorbelli, we can read that “based on the results of the analyzes, it can be concluded that the building is unsuitable for use as the controls for static electricity loads are not met and appropriate measures must therefore be taken to allow the building to be used with the minimum levels of safety provided for in the applicable technical standards. does not currently have sufficient suitable places available in other school complexes, and that the municipality does not have its own structures available and of sufficient size to host the kindergarten ‘Collodi’, on Based on the technical report from the Cooperation and Environment Agency is identified two alternative solutions: finding a suitable property for rent or renting a prefabricated modular construction n. The Executive Board considered the hypothesis of renting a property as a priority and mandated the technical sector to publish an exploratory announcement to acquire the expressions of interest.

The municipality is looking for solutions According to the announcement published on Tuesday, the property must be located in the villages of Sferracavallo, Bardano or Gabelletta and meet the required technical requirements. If the building lacks these requirements, the proposals for properties will also be considered approved, for which the property undertakes to carry out the work at its own expense to make the construction complied with in good time so that school activities can start on 14 September 2022. The lease will have a duration of six years, and when the need to host the kindergarten ‘Collodi’ is over, the municipal administration will be able to use the property to temporarily host parts of other schools that will be subject to intervention in the next year.

Eyes on safety “On the school’s security front,” said Public Works Councilor Piergiorgio Pizzo, this administration has made some important choices since its inauguration. First of all, proceed gradually to the seismic verification of all school buildings owned, which had never been done before. One of the first decisions that emerged from this work was definitely to solve the problems of the ‘Collodi’ kindergarten and the Girotondo kindergarten in Sferracavallo for too long, and whose criticism has been confirmed by the report we have received in recent days. As part of the NRP, we presented a demolition and reconstruction project worth € 2.3 million, and we await the publication of the rankings. However, with the help of the regional funds from Pnrr, other adaptation projects were also presented for the primary school in Orvieto centro ‘Barzini’, the middle school in Orvieto centro ‘Signorelli’, the primary school in Sferracavallo ‘Frezzolini’ and the primary school in Ciconia ‘Seven Martyrs’. Also for this reason – he concludes – we considered the hypothesis of finding a rental property to temporarily transfer the kindergarten ‘Collodi’ as a priority. Within a few days, we will collect the expressions of interest, and we could then move on with the final solution, which in any case will guarantee a regular start of school activity without creating inconvenience to the families ”.

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