Is the Italian school miserable? Enrico Galiano has his say

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07/13/2022 – In Smerillo, during the opening night of Le Parole della Montagna Festival, the famous professor and author tried to find an answer to this unpleasant question. Galiano: “Give young people the opportunity to make mistakes. Let them fly high, teach them not to be mediocre.” Crowded Piazza del Borgo stop. Open applause for one of the festival’s most anticipated guests.

It officially opened yesterday, the 13th edition of the Words of the Mountain Festival. After the debut nights in the suggestive villages in Monteleone And Montefalconethe philosophical-cultural event has moved to its homeland, Smerillo. The small municipality of Alto Fermano prepares, as every year, to receive enthusiasts, curious people and tourists from all over Italy, ready to immerse themselves in one of the most popular festivals in the Marche.

Yesterday the curtain went up for “The word of the mountain” and to inaugurate 2022 edition he thought about it Ettore Frani, established painter and eclectic artist. Master of the chiaroscuro and the dark-light game, Frani showed his deep and significant works to the many present in a vernissage where horizon and human gaze are lost until they become one.

After the exhibition was ‘to get up to the chair’ Enrico Galiano, one of the event’s most anticipated guests. Professor-writer, known nationally, he was the protagonist of a valued meeting focusing on current state of the Italian school.

From someone who won the award as “Best Professor in Italy”, one expects a debate where current topics such as ‘student-teacher relationship’, ‘the words in the language of today’ or ‘young people and the future’. So it was! Galiano was able to perfectly handle all of these issues, elaborate, report personal experiences and communicate the love for young people and for the school that for years has transmitted through its videos from millions of images on social networks.

With the nature of the perfect showman, Galiano he explored problems that were sometimes unpleasant and sometimes quite delicate, and did so great ease and with the irony that characterizes it always.

But then the Italian school stinks? “Sure, in our school system, many things need to be reviewed and changed, based on the relationship with the students. We teachers’ primary task is to involve and motivate them to give the best. We must not pressure them to be mediocre, but we must make them understand that they must take risks, even make mistakes, because only in this way will they be able to aim high – confirmed Professor Galiano – I really appreciated the boy in Sicily who, during his high school diploma, chose to wear a t-shirt with the inscription ‘The Italian school stinks’. I appreciate his courage and his perseverance in saying that things are not going well, a change is urgently needed. If it is the students who say it, we must listen to them. ”

From the necessary changes in the school system to the teaching profession: “For me, it is the best job in the world. I’ve always dreamed of doing that, and every day when I enter the classroom I know I feel at home and I’m a happy man – trusted Enrico – In each lesson, I always try to involve the students as best I can, because the important thing is that they do not feel oppressed or caged. In addition to grades, questions, and verifications that only create so much anxiety in children, we teachers must help them express their full potential. They have, inside, a ‘quality storm’, but often they are unable to bring them forward because they are satisfied with what society is going through, and it is there instead that the school system must act ”.

To know how to use words in today’s language: “Know the deep meaning of the words it’s a fundamental aspect of our lives, it’s the extra ‘something’ that allows you to better appreciate what is around you. When you first discover the true meaning of a word, it is as if it becomes yours and when you meet her in real life, she will bind you to a special relationship. Knowing how to use the right words improves the world ”.

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