Going forward in this way, Catholic schools will be forced to close

Each year, the Ministry of Education prepares with a dedicated circular Average cost for the Italian student, depending on the cycles. It is a fundamental fact to understand many dynamics in the school world, from the waste of taxpayers’ money to cover the gaps in the state primary school, to the reason why the primary schools are destined to close their doors.

For example, for the school year 2021/22, the average student cost – published on the Ministry’s institutional website with note 7266 of 28/3/2022 – is given in the following table:

Primary school Primary school Secondary education Second class youth education
Average Student Cost (CSM) – Annual expenditure in educational institutions per. student 6,873.99 6,762.78 7,149.21 8,736.15

Equal schools, every year, and so it was in 2022, sends the so-called Model A. Therefore, it is a public, complete fact that peer schools demand (forced) fees from families far below the average student costbut still too high for the poor, who also already pay school fees.

It is therefore an equally public fact, seen in the eyes of all, that the equal schools are compelled to incur debt and close. The peer schools, in fact, obviously those who, true to the foundation mandate, want to intercept all sections of society, from the doorman to the entrepreneur, have for years in a stubbornly heroic way tried to achieve what the state has. never done: guarantee a public service (public does not mean state, it must be remembered), for all citizens, without dividing society in two.

How are they trying to achieve the feat? Trying to keep the fees – as they are forced to ask – below the figure we started from. How is it possible? That Holy Spirit And the intercession of the holy founders they help, but that is obviously not enough.

Perfect management which requires huge sacrifices, mortgage on real estate, lower staff costs. The teachers of the same school with the same qualifications have a lower salary than their colleagues in the state school. An Italian only paradox that has been solved in France. For years.

Yet even a perfect economy, even the greatest sacrifices, the most powerful intercession of the saints, are often not sufficient results: we have also set Covidunfortunately to make the situation even worse. Many schools are closed, many will do so soon. The motorway leading to the state education monopoly is now almost completely covered: the exit to “MONOPOLIO EDUCATIVO” is very close.

What are the alternatives to reversing the itinerary and setting the navigator towards “EDUCATION FREEDOM”? One of the two: o The leaders, already for the academic year 2023/2024, will have to request fees corresponding to the average student’s costs (€ 6.8733.99 for a student in kindergarten, (…) € 8.736.15 for a high school student), with the obvious consequence that adjectives like it become synonymous with elitist, or the state will have to intervene radically, not with subsidies or contributions one time amountbut in reality guarantees parents ‘freedom of choice in education and teachers’ education.

Note: according to the first hypothesis, it will be necessary to see if the congregations, in order not to betray the foundation’s mandates, instead of becoming elitist, will give up the pedagogical activity in the school to devote themselves to other charitable activities: nuns and priests should not the poor dedicate themselves to the poor? When you think about it, is the image we like best of the religious world, not the little nun handing out soup to the poor on the street? Certainly not the nun who sits in the chair or takes care of a school’s budgets. The state takes care of the school. Well, the world of the religious is on its way to its own destiny: the religious to embroider, the religious to cultivate the garden and to produce digestive liqueurs. All useful, all beautiful: but the minds of the young will be at the mercy of the powerful on guard. It is good to repeat it: schools of the same age will close, an established and long-awaited fact of those who want the state as the sole leader of citizens’ education, and the state school will inevitably collapse, a) because it is unable to accommodate students and teachers in closed peer schools and b) because it will become self-referential by screwing itself into its own ills. What do you think?

If we worry about our future, if we think young people are our tomorrow, we will not miss the last train. The legislative instrument is there and so are the funds. We are in an emergency with a government of national unity born precisely with the intention of restarting the school, for all, in order to restart the country. The government is committed to issue decrees of law implementation of Articles 1-2 Act 32/2022 Family Act.

Consequently, according toart. 47 of Act 79/2022 who plans to allocate PNRR funds to combat early school leaving it is necessary to provide funds for the most disadvantaged families so that they can more easily access public schools of their choice, intended as an important resource to support their children in a serious study and in an educational context of value, which accurately anticipated. there Act 32/2022 – that Family law to Articles 1 and 2.

Italy’s future goes from school. That’s why school is everyone’s thing, that’s it Cosa Nostra.

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