Fewer classes and teachers, unions: «The primary school under siege for years. The Council’s position is good “

GROSSETO – Satisfaction from the Confederate unions for “the City Council’s position on the state of emergency of the school”. In fact, during its meeting today, the municipal council of Grosseto, led by Fausto Turbantiunanimously approved the agenda regarding cuts in the school sector and overcrowded classrooms.

“The public school has been under siege for years – explain the provincial secretaries Christopher Russo from FLC CGIL, Alfonso Nocchi of the CISL school e Fabio Severi by UIL Scuola Rua, so much so that it has now reached the breaking point -: the unions have been in turmoil for several months to ask for the policy of attention, resources, programming needed to give dignity to the school and ensure an efficient service school . There are many issues at national level, ranging from contract renewal, to investment of resources, to combating insecurity, to respecting contractual rights. All of this has important implications for our territory, for our children, for the work done by hundreds of teachers and ATA staff. In fact, the lack of investment and planning condemns the school to old and dilapidated school buildings, to chicken coop classes, to amalgamated institutions, to the lack of permanent teachers with consequent didactic discontinuity, to insecure workers, with disastrous results on the service. offered to students “.

To all this, the trade unions express satisfaction with the agenda unanimously approved by today’s city council: “an important position which shows the urgency of putting the school back in the center, investing the necessary resources and planning actions that modernize the school For the next school year, there is already a reduction of 20 classes in our province and a decrease in the staff of teachers corresponding to 21, in addition to the effects of the latest Legislative Decree 36/2022, which allows for other cuts in the workforce, especially in our area we will go to a further minus 40 ″.

“It is clear that the whole school world is in great suffering – they continue – the dignity of the workers is constantly being trampled on, and at the same time a suitable school service is not provided for the younger generations. All in all, CGIL, CISL and UIL, we represent 60% of the workers in the sector, we live in the school world every day, we know well the needs of the workers and organizational problems; it is our duty to pursue their demands and propose solutions which, however, can only be realized through political action. For this reason, in recent months we have promoted a number of actions to protest and raise public awareness of the state of emergency in the school, which led the Grosseto City Council to vote unanimously on the school problem agenda “.

“Among the priority actions to be implemented, in addition to the allocation of major financial resources for the renewal of the category contract and for school buildings, the change in the parameters for the number of pupils per class (DPR81 / 2009), which as they appear too stringent and in a large and sparsely populated area like ours, they are leading to the closure of smaller institutes in the outlying areas and to a reduction in the educational offer in the upper secondary schools. of all school staff back to the area of ​​competence of the school’s autonomy and the teaching staff with the allocation of dedicated resources “.

“Our hope is that all the pressure put on the government, by the social partners and by the local institutions, will lead to a reversal of the trend and thus to investment and planning; because divesting the school means undermining the future of the country, ”the three secretaries conclude.

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