Confindustria Vda, President of Francesco Turcato: “We want to create a professional school”

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Number one of the Rossoneri industrialists elected at Morgex General Assembly; “foreigner” wants a “leading role in the development of companies”

A leading role in guiding a new business development model and the idea of ​​creating a professional school with the Confindustria Valle d’Aosta brand. “The stranger” Francesco Turcato welcomes the election of the Presidency Confostria Valle d’Aostawhich took place at the general meeting, which was held on Thursday and held at the association’s headquarters Sources Monte Bianco Spa.

With the absence of representatives of the region, which did not go unnoticed, the audience hosted national president Carlo Bonomi and the round table with Federica Dusman (CEO of Sorgenti Mont Blanc), Francesco Monti (CEO of Podium Advanced Technologies), Edy Incoletti (Vice President of Confindustria Valle d’Aosta) e Danilo Oscar Lancini (MEP from the Group for a Europe of Nations and Freedom).

Who is Francesco Turcato

The new president is as mentioned Francesco Turcato44 years old, born Palmanova and elected instead Giancarlo Giachino.

Educated in legal science, Turcato is the CEO of some companies in the engineering sector, including SRL, Simach Srl. Generali Nuova Carpenteria Aosta S.rl., Meccanica Aosta Meccanique Vallée Srl GE-HL Srl

General manager of Metal Sebina srl ​​and member of the board of Qwikword corp. New York, from January 2019 to December 2020, he was a member of the General Council and has for years been involved in the association life of the Confindustria Valle d’Aosta, where he was President of the Metalworkers Category, Vice President from December 2020 and President. by AVI Servizi Srl

“I’m a foreigner”

Thank you to the outgoing President and the support of all, Francesco Turcato it is said pay attention to appear as “” the stranger “”but also to be ready to put the peculiarities “at the service of our system”, perhaps make mistakes only “a few words in French”.

The challenges

The irony quickly gave way challenges that await him in a mildly difficult momentwhere pandemic, energy crisis, war and difficulties in finding human resources are the masters.

“It’s a difficult challenge,” he exclaimed Turcato -, but the association must play a fundamental role in leading a new development model for the business community ”.

In short, the Confindustria Valle d’Aosta should be a “guide and support”, but also a “tool for developing skills”.

For the new president, the key words must actually be cooperation, development, innovation, reliability, training, leadership, efficiency, ethics, commitment and passion.

The future is hard to imagine

In a future “hard to imagine” and with “long-term plans that hardly resist”, Turcato expects «speed in finding the answers to the problems that limit the development of our entrepreneurial system ».

And this Confindustria Valle d’Aosta will do it “by taking the field” in the first person and looking for a bank «with local institutions and bodies» to «implement measures to reduce energy and fuel costs», but also by supporting companies in the various «conversions».

But not only that, because in order to overcome the “lack of skilled labor”, which undermines competitiveness “at national and international level”, Confindustria VdA thinks, among other things, «The own professional school, which thus brings the world of education closer to the work environment“.

The action fronts

To succeed with its intention, the new President Francesco Turcato keep in mind how to work.

First and foremost, by exploiting “my non-Valle d’Aosta being” to bring “the new associative system beyond the boundaries defined by a map”, both to study “good practice” and to create “critical mass”.

Furthermore, the association will try to put young entrepreneurs at the center, as “we can not help but connote as a driving force for our engine”.

Guaranteed support for SMEs to “optimize the benefits offered by their small size”, Turcato it also pushes for a confrontation with politics.

“We must continue to be an apolitical reality – explains the President – but that does not mean that it should be excluded from strategic decisions”.

And here’s the idea tables with the national Confindustria, political bodies and also with the social partnersbecause “the dialogue will bring concrete projects in support of the labor market”.


Francesco Turcato has a grip.

“Too many times I feel the fear of change around me”, an aspect that often represents “the cause of the economic downturn”, why the new president wants to help “our system to gain momentum and support it in opening up to the outside world with the aim of strengthening the current fabric and attracting new investment and energies ».

In short, the motto of the four-year period will be to do as long as it is “far from popularity – he concludes Turcato -. We must be silent, concrete, polite, credible, meritocratic and competent. “

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