Bioethanol fireplace: what it is, what it is for, why buy it

Biofireplaces, a complete guide: how they are used, what they are, pros and cons.

Anyone looking for an alternative to classic gas, wood and electric fireplaces should consider installing a bioethanol fireplace. If you have never heard of this technology and you want to know more, then find out the cons and cons when they are recommended, the cost and any other useful information, then you are in the right place. We help you answer all your questions so you can choose the right solution for you.

How do bioethanol fireplaces work and what are they?

Let’s try to understand first what bioethanol is. It is alcohol of natural origin, which is obtained through the fermentation process of residues of vegetable products such as grains, sugar crops, press residues. Its calorific value makes it ideal for heating the environment. Bioethanol bonfires are made by pouring bioethanol fuel into the burner and pushing the flame with a lighter – much simpler than you might think. The fuel burns for 4 or 5 hours until it goes out when the lid is closed, avoiding the passage of oxygen.

The fire can then be supplied with additional fuel to extend its duration. Bioethanol fires are able to heat large spaces efficiently and effectively. In some models, the firepower can be adjusted using a slider on the fuel box. This can be placed fully open, half open or partially open. Choices that affect the amount of fuel burned and its duration, as well as the initial level of the flame.

The benefits of the bioethanol fireplace: efficiency, respect for the environment, financial savings.

Now that you basically understand how an ethanol fireplace works, it’s time to understand why you should buy it and what are the features that make this choice more and more popular. In fact, bioethanol fireplaces have a number of advantages over traditional fireplaces. The first, as can also be understood from the suffix “bio”, is respect for the environment.

Bioethanol fireplace: what it is, what it is for, why buy it

Green fuel of vegetable origin.

We have already seen what is the operating mechanism of these fireplaces, which are based on fuel of vegetable origin: the flame burns cleanly without releasing harmful substances into the air. Therefore a completely organic choice, with respect for the environment and healthier than other devices on the market. But respect for the environment does not equate to lower efficiency. The efficiency of bioethanol fireplaces for space heating is comparable to other traditional fireplaces. The combustion of bioethanol does not produce any kind of smoke that is limited to releasing carbon dioxide and water vapor. The other basic benefit is financial savings.

The flames, to keep themselves alive, need neither energy nor fuel sources from gas or electricity. This allows you to reduce costs. However, the savings also come from another factor: Many of the models of bioethanol fireplaces do not require maintenance. The only financial burden to bear will therefore be the purchase of the fuel. The third advantage of this list is the ease of installation. We ask you to pay attention to one thing. Look at a photo of an ethanol fireplace. Well, now compare it to a traditional fireplace. If you have looked closely, you will surely have realized that a key element of traditional fireplaces is missing: the chimney.

This is because the fuel burns cleanly and emits no smoke. Among other things, to install bioethanol fireplaces, therefore without exhaust, it is not necessary to ask for any kind of permission or bureaucratic authorization. So double saving time and energy, especially in a country like Italy, which we know is not exactly easy from this point of view. Let’s go back to flexibility now.

High installation freedom.

Surprisingly, bioethanol fireplaces can be installed pretty much anywhere. This is an important advantage over traditional fireplace shapes. Think of all the limitations that traditional fireplaces have, from their co-location point of view. By adopting this solution you will be able to overcome almost all of them. They can even be installed in the bedroom! And without placement or design limitations, they are available in a wide range of sleek and modern designs.

Bioethanol fireplace
Bioethanol fireplace: what it is, what it is for, why buy it

The modern style.

Perfect for those looking for something different for their home or garden: The modern style of this fireplace is a real breath of fresh air from an interior design point of view. It is clear that the aesthetic beauty of the fireplace also and above all depends on the brand. Also for this reason, it is important to choose the right brand. For this reason, it is only recommended to buy from companies such as Maisonfire, which is recognized as a leader in the production of the best bioethanol fireplace (see product catalog).

Easy to use.

In addition, bioethanol fireplaces do not create bad odors, especially if it is a good model and if high quality fuel is used. The last positive feature is the ease of use. To use a traditional fireplace, it is often necessary to perform a variety of operations, such as transportation, lighting, and cleaning. All these nuisances disappear with bioethanol fireplaces, as it is sufficient to pour the combustible liquid into the appropriate burner so that the flame begins to heat the room. To sum up, we can say that by choosing the right model, this technology is able on the one hand to simplify our lives significantly and on the other hand to efficiently heat our homes.

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