At the School Camp in Almenno 700 small black feathers in the middle of play, nature, respect and alpine choirs

It opened Friday, July 8th Young alpine school camp from Almenno San Bartolomeo at the usual location near the Brembo River. Born in 2011 with 60 children, the camp is in its 11th edition and is this year more than 700 appearancesdistributed throughout the month of July, and comes from over 90 different municipalities.

“How distant 2011 looks and even more so when you look at the pictures of our first 4th and 5th grade boys, who today have become team leaders and look after the little students.” confirms enthusiastically Domenico Donghi And Mauro GuazzatoAlpini group leader for Almenno San Bartolomeo and coordinator for civil protection at Almenno San Bartolomeo, respectively. “A unique result built day by day, edition after edition, a result achieved with the will of many people by volunteers from fathers and mothers who believed that one might have to take a step back to move forward.”

Almenno Alpini Group has been working since September last year to be able to open this year in total safety. After buying a 12×24 meter tent last year and some new tents this year, a number of new toys have been prepared for War route, placed a shed under which the boys can meet in the evening and another tent; was improved lightinginstalled cameras to ensure greater security, improved in toilets and showers.

“We had expected a large number of middle school students, but reality has surpassed the imagination”continues Mauro Guazzato, “From the beginning of June we had to suspend the registrations of this age group and the subsequent registrations we have put on the waiting list”. The camp’s organization system has been revised. Currently, the tents that house the boys are 20 with 10 pitches each arranged in four groups of 5 tents, each forming 1 brigade.

The first week (which began on Friday the 8th and ended on Sunday the 10th) hosted 80 children in the third grade divided into 2 Brigades. The second week (from 11 to 16 July) hosts 160 children in 4 and 5 primary schools. The third round (from 18 to 23 July) welcomes 200 middle school children. A fourth shift (from 25 to 30 July) will still be for 4 and 5 primary school students, and a final period (from 24 to 31 July) will serve as Formation school.

“The SdF training school is the most advanced course in our program”Guazzato continues, “Which starts with the students in 3.g finishing the part of learning the basic concepts of Civil Protection and First Aid with 3.g and 1.g. This year’s participants reach Almenno San Bartolomeo from all over Italy. Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Liguria, but also Campania and Sicily and one year they even came from Denmark. “

That the secret behind such success is hidden in its organization, but above all in the sense it attaches to the values ​​that distinguish it from a simple “mini-naja” which has been assigned to him and cooperates in the management and cleaning of rooms and common services. The school camp ensures that the children do not experience the experience as a simple week in a tent or as a user of a tourist service, but as protagonists in an adventure lived in a community of peers, assisted and trained by adult educators who, while making them play, give them a sense of community in accordance with the rules and train them in basic notions of civil protection and first aid.

In the School Camp, participants must not carry dangerous objects (knives, cutters, lighters, laser pointers, etc.) and possess medicines (even those explicitly mentioned in the registration form, except with the permission of the Head of Health). It is forbidden to bring technological devices in general (MP3s, iPods, tablets, mobile phones, electronic games, cameras, computers) which, in addition to disrupting the regular conduct of activities, disrupt the educational and social spirit of the activity. Mobile phones are strictly forbidden, if absolutely necessary, parents can contact the camp leaders on the mobile phone number provided. The registration fee includes: food (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner), accommodation, materials for the activities, insurance coverage, clothing, transportation, courses, energy, water, waste and blackwater disposal, gadgets and prizes

To respect the total safety of children, parents must notify their children of their allergies or intolerances in writing and approve the use of drugs stating the dose. The medicines must be handed in when they arrive at the camp, to the head of health. The health protocol implemented by the school camp health management during the camp provides the presence of medical vehicles 24 hours a day with staff, the presence in the tent, at night, by a team leader to immediately report problems of any kind and the call 112 for emergency health efforts 24 hours in around the clock.

“The experience is certainly very strong and formative, but above all it involves the children a lot”, continues Mauro Guazzato, “There are a lot of people there after the eighth grade they choose to return to become team leaders for the little ones. And above all, there are those who, when they reach the age of majority, decide to continue on this voluntary path by becoming members of Civil Protection, 118 or Alpine Health on a permanent basis “.

“Our project is this: to instill the idea of ​​volunteering from an early age through an initiative that over the years gains more and more professionalism” explains the parent company Domenico Donghi. “A mentality that is concretely reflected in reality and expressed itself in front of everyone’s eyes in the toughest months of the pandemic. Among those who built the operational field hospital at the Bergamo fair in just ten days, and who also took care of its subsequent management and reception, there were also about twenty of our boys, they were there when it was built, and they were there later when it needed staff for its management. I think this is the best result our Campo Scuola could give us. And we are infinitely proud of it ”.

The typical day for the young “alpine”

There typical day it starts with alarm clock at. 7, breakfast all in the canteen and flag raising. The following are the activities and games that have been programmed. At noon the ration, and as a result still the afternoon activities alternated with a healthy snack. 18:00 everyone takes a shower, and after lowering the flag, dinner and evening to address topics of common interest and tell each other their experiences.

Many Topics covered: bullying, friendship, the use of social media, but also the stories of collaborative experiences and humanitarian aid where the most “experienced” volunteers present at the camp were involved. There is no lack of the daily singing lesson, where shyness is overcome and the songs of the alpine tradition are learned. “Today is my first day as an alpine” He says Giorgio 9 years oldthird class, Paladina, “but at home I often wore my grandfather’s hat. I took it from him when he was sleeping and imagined climbing the mountains. I came because my friend Lorenzo (from Sedrina Alta ed) is also here and I sleep in a tent with him . I brought my sleeping bag and mat, packed everything in my backpack and packed everything in the tent. I only do three days because I go to third grade, but next year I can stay a week ”. Clear ideas and a strong spirit. Bravo bocia. Wednesday, July 14 is visited by President of the National Alpine Association Sebastiano Favero and off Chairman of the Bergamo Section Giorgio Sonzogni, who will participate in some of the activities with the children.

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