At Flic, Turin Circus School, auditions are underway for eighty young people from 22 countries – Yesterday today tomorrow

The auditions for the 21st year recording of the “Training Course for the Contemporary Circus Artist” by FLIC Scuola di Circo ( project born in 2022 within the Royal Gymnastics Society of Turin, the oldest sports club in Italy, founded in 1844. A demanding five-day audition to try to access one of the most qualified training courses in the sector and to cultivate the dream of to become a contemporary circus artist, which became a reality for many alumni at the school.

The applications were received from 80 young people who came for over 70% from abroad and from 22 different countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, England, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, Peru, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

In the season that has just endedwere the students enrolled in professional courses 83aged between 16 and 30 and come to 60% from abroadincluding Italy, from 20 different countries.

Data that represent a major source of satisfaction for all FLIC staff and that confirmimportance and reputation that the Turin Gym has acquired in the modern circus sector worldwidewho receives important awards for the quality of his training and for the style with which he interprets the latest trends in the development of the new circus.

Meaning and value, which is confirmed at national level by the support of Mibac and the Piedmont region, which for three years has chosen it as an artistic residence for the “Artists in the Territories” competition.

Other indices that certify the quality of the work performed consist of, that more and more students are being selected to continue their education at some of the best international universities in the field of modern circus is it many alumni are present at the festival and seasons with live performances, in Italy and abroad, with personal creations or within artistic companies. Some alumni have worked, or still work, with reputable companies, including Cirque du Soleil, James Thierres Compagnie du Hanneton and No Fit State Circus.

FLIC continues every year to expand and improve the path that started twenty years ago dothrough an ever-growing professional artistic training program inherent in the modern circus.

A program built on many years of work and passion dedicated to circus training, with artistic, athletic, educational, social and recreational nuances that have yielded good results.

The main focus of FLIC remains the student and his training. The whole design revolves around the many opportunities and methods of teaching, learning, satisfaction and growth that pertain to him. The complete course aims to provide solid training on the basic topics of the modern circus, learn the basics and deepen the characteristic circus disciplines, the ability to manage independently through a wealth of planning, relational and organizational skills, and then determine the specialization of each student and achieve a complete education to meet a professional career in the modern circus.

His philosophy of high circus technique and an innovative artistic pedagogy followed him more than 600 students from over 40 different countries in 20 years, allowing them to become complete professionals. He is a full member of FEDEC (European Federation of Professional Circus Schools) and founding member ofACCI (Italian Contemporary Circus Association).


The FLIC is headquartered within the Royal Gymnastics Society of Turin. It is the oldest sports club in Italy, it celebrated 178 years of activity on March 17, 2022 and is based in a historic building in 3000 square meters in the heart of Turin. Built in 1851 on a project by engineer Domenico Regis, the structure consists of 9 fitness centers spread over four floorshas a great gift of state-of-the-art equipment and for three years the look has been renewed, both inside and out, with new decorations and panels showing beautiful artistic images from its history, highlighted on via Magenta and via Massena by a special night lighting.

That FLIC space is the place that the Royal Gymnastics Society has since 2015 dedicated to the circus school project FLIC to develop training activities but also production and artistic creative activities. Located in a former industrial hangar in the peripheral district of Milanwhere the Bunker culture project is based and was once part of the Vanchiglia Railway Station, is a living example of the restoration of disused industrial spaces and their declination in an artistic, cultural and sporting key. The space is one 700 sqm open spaceequipped with all the amenities and all the necessary equipment for training several circus disciplines, which the school since July 2016 has also transformed into professional exhibition hall.

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