A heartbreaking summer in Santo Stefano’s oratorio

What a summer from … “Baticuore”. Yes … because “Baticuore” was the Leit motif that accompanied children, entertainers, operators in the sector and families this hot summer at S. Stefano’s summer oratorio.

But what is “heartbeat”?
“Baticuore” is a sudden increase in heartbeat caused by a strong feeling, as the etymology of the word from the Latin verb “-moveo” expresses the tendency to act. This action is determined by an amygdala-shaped structure and together with the hippocampus it controls the primitive cortex of our brain, which is the archive of our emotions. Emotions have always contributed to human growth and development and help to form the emotional intelligence, which together with the ratio allows you to get in touch with the world and be an active part of it. Emotions are a natural, spontaneous and complex component of human behavior. They are a form of knowledge about others in the relationship and about themselves in the awareness of their own boundaries and skills. They play a fundamental role in the various stages of growth of the individual.
Before that the days spent on the summer talent gave our children the opportunity to experience moments where they could put their emotions at the center.

The days were marked by smiles, hugs, shrugs and sometimes even tears, because emotions are like this: they are not positive or negative in themselves, but they are basic elements for the formation of each person: they are an entrance to man to knowledge of themselves, of others, of God.They must therefore be brought up and recognized in order to be reduced and become real, not outraged or exploited. The person is a wealth, but there is a risk of being crushed into subjectivism: it earns to reach a showdown with the community, with the Other, with his neighbor.
For these reasons, we need examples, tools, and opportunities to best implement emotional education.

S. Stefanos’ summer speech suggested and told each week stories and experiences from people who, in difficulty, found the stimulus to continue; it provided the tools and opportunities to socialize with the organization of booths and workshops, from cooking to creativity; allowed children and young people to be able to enjoy shared moments such as excursions at the Carabelli Refuge or the Oasi di Cassano Magnago farmhouse, provided the opportunity to make group excursions to the fairy lake in Macugnaga and Agra along the routes “Giro del Sole” and “Giro della Luna”; provided the opportunity to swim and play water games in the pool at Wave di Sesto Calende and Ondaland:

moments of society that have given peace and desire to our children,
moments that made them feel emotions,
apartments that allowed them to control their own and others’ emotions.

They sang, laughed, played and ate TOGETHER, because it is TOGETHER that makes the difference. With regret, the speaker is now painting towards the end. What I want to say as a parent is a THANK YOU.
THANK YOU to all those who are committed, they have given their will to ensure that our children this year, despite the pandemic, despite the war in Ukraine and the ugliness of life, may have had the opportunity to socialize and above all to do COMMUNITY.
THANKS to Don Fiorenzo who exposes himself in the first person so all this can be done; THANKS to the catechists Miriam, Luisa ready to go out of their way so that everything can be organized in the best possible way and in detail; THANKS to the teachers, now retired, Maria Pia and Manuela, who still dedicate themselves to the education and training of children and young people, always ready to help those who get into trouble with their holiday homework in the room dedicated to the morning; THANK YOU to all the mothers who have dedicated a part of their precious time from the morning welcome, to the handling of lunch and snacks and the bar to the cleaning of the services and the reorganization of the structure such as Loredana, Milena, Stefania, Oksana, Gelsomina, Barbara, Yoaris … and also THANK YOU to the fathers who have helped and are no less; THANK YOU to Nicholas, our “leader”, and THANK YOU to all the entertainers who have been involved in many booths and activities to make this summer enjoyable for our children.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone, but if I did, THANK YOU to all those who have devoted part of their time to the care of our children, to the mouthpiece, to the community … and who have made sure that this summer was truly remembered with the HEART.

A mother

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