What is Sicilian crafts today? A story about stone and design …

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Lava stone, marble, onyx, clay. The smoking Etna and the ashes. Grandfather Ciccio, who drank wine and peach, father Mario “belly-heart-vuci”. The bridge saw and the flag, the graph paper. The dirty baroque, the ascent of San Giuliano, the skulls and tattoos, the amorous bummulus, the severed Moorish head, the “ca picciridda a crisciri” egg. Jasmine on summer afternoons, the doodles, the solid colors, the rough surface. Calvino and Munari. Geology and rocks (all), origami. Architecture and building science. Le Corbusier, piano, Sottsass, Ponti. Painting, Leonardo and Picasso. Pink Floyd.

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All this is People, a brand of furniture accessories in ceramics, lava stone and marble, which puts personal and collective traditions and memories into the present. Born in Catania from the designer’s head and hands Magda Masanoinitially as a rib of Masano Marmia family business since 1960 specializing in furniture and restoration.

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Three generations of stone craftsmen. A laboratory where materials, projects and needs become a daily form. A chromosome set that is the macrocosm of Sicily with its stark contrasts, free-ranging colors, saturated perfumes, authentic beauties, crowded lives and also the pain that historically shakes this country.

Magda Masano

In 2009 Magda Masano begins his apprenticeship in the store. She is the first of Mario’s two daughters and holds a degree in the history and preservation of architectural and environmental heritage in her pocket. He follows in his father’s footsteps, but does so in his own way and even opens a small pottery workshop. In 2011, it was born Peoplea laboratory where the joints take shape “Heads of Moro Pop”, “Lavasten”, “Marble to bring”, “Pots” And “Vanitas”and which today (in via San Michele, in the center of Catania) also hosts exhibitions, workshops and works by other designers and artisans.


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There Brown is the face of Sicilian ceramic history. Furniture, vase, play and decoration, which Magda Masano since 2010 has reinterpreted with a pop language and a contemporary attitude, original design and decoration and an unusually solid color, bright, bold, mixed directly by the designer.

TDMPop Mythos Edition - Magda Masano

That Fun Pop Heads they are handmade in terracotta based on an original design by Magda Masano and are hand painted with ceramic glazes. Each head is different from the other. To expand the project, in 2022, the series is coming TDMPop Mythos Edition: The heads of the Moors, who pay homage to figures from Greek mythology, are part of the collective imagination, such as the Cyclops Polyphemus.


LAVASTONE - Magda Masano

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Unique pieces full of volcanic energy and a delicate Sicilian atmosphere. The objects in the Lavastone collection are made of natural lava stone from Etna and glazed ceramics.

On the table - Magda Masano

On the table – Table accessories – plates, saucers and table protectors – where the geometric stringency is softened by the absence of edges as in stone modeled by still water. The dimensions of the articles and the decorations follow precise numerical conditions so that the misplace can be adapted, but always harmoniously.

Minnuzze by Sant'Agata - Magda Masano

Minnuzze by Sant’Agata – Tradition says that in honor of Sant’Agata, the patron saint of Catania, on February 5, small candies reminiscent of a woman’s breasts are made, an ancient symbol of fertility associated with the martyrdom of the Sicilian saint. Le Minnuzze di Sant’Agata di Folk dessert plate capsule is a tribute to the popular and refined aesthetics of these cassettes with the delicious white icing and the unmistakable cherry placed on top.

Lava Games - Magda Masano

Lava Games – You do not play with fire, but with lava. Giochi di Lava is a divertissement with a dual function: decor accessories and timeless play, it is an object that can transform itself into a playful moment if necessary. Chess and Tris are made of Etna lava stone and painted ceramics.


PORTER MARBLE - Magda Masano

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The marble that recreates the meaning of everyday objects during the meal’s ritual and cozy moments. The Marble à porter collection includes table plates, saucers, trays, egg cups and glass trays.

Ovururu - Magda Masano

Ovururu – It is the Folk marble egg cup for hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs. It captures the attention with its specific gravity and gravity. It expands the scope for a ritual linked to childhood that persists into adulthood by transforming an accessory that has always been discreet into a complete mise en place.


POTS - Magda Masano

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Lucky pine cones, single flower vases, bottles, looting bummuli, lamps and other small objects, made of hand-painted ceramics, designed for home decor with a good omen function.

Enblomst - Magda Masano

A flower – There is a special house that lives in Magda Masano’s childhood memories: it is her grandmother Tina’s house in Etnaparken. A cottage, frugal and comfortable, which the grandmother would awaken every day by putting a single freshly picked wildflower to rest on a bottle with a narrow neck. The one-flower single flower vases translate the emotions in this memory into different shapes, all cast in clay and dressed in the bright tones of the Folk palette.

Marauder Bummulu - Magda Masano

Marauder Bummulu – Bummulu malandrino was born in the Arab ceramic tradition of saving water and other liquids without spillage and at the right temperature, thanks to the “cunning” of the operation, precisely malandrino. To be filled, this container must be turned upside down. The bummuluen has a hole in the bottom without a hood, connected to a narrow cone inside the structure and open at the top. The liquid is poured into the opening, and when the object is brought back to the resting position, it will flow through the amphora. The pointed shape of this tool is not a habit: the empty space at the top allows evaporation of the overheated liquid. What is left inside is kept fresh and ready to be poured from the narrow spout, without spilling a drop.

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