Varallo, the Barolo school finds its place in the oratorio: it “saves” the middle school

Varallo, headquarters found for Barolo School. The wood craftsmen in the oratorio’s premises. The mayor of Varallo Pietro Bondetti: «In a couple of years this will be the solution. In the meantime, we will find a final place at the Lancia Institute ».

Varallo, the Barolo school finds its place in the oratorio

Place found for the Barolo school of wood craftsmen. From September, the course, activated in Varallo by the “Lancia” Institute of Borgosesia in the school year 2021-2022, will continue in the city of Sacro Monte, but no longer in Formont’s premises where he had been temporarily accommodated to get away, but at the parish youth center “Pastore”.

A decision was made last week after the inspection carried out by the municipality with the province, which has jurisdiction over the local colleges, and the Lancia Institute. Mayor Pietro Bondetti, the school building councilor of the Vercelli institution, Pier Mauro Andorno, officials and technicians and the headmaster of “Lancia” Carmelo Profetto therefore visited the pulpit in Sottoriva to assess their suitability to host the teaching.

“I thank the priests, the Provost Don Roberto Collarini and the leaders of the oratory, Don Graziano Galbiati and Don Gabriele Tebaldi, for their great availability. The classrooms on the first floor of the building are made available to the Barolo School. A total of five: three for the students, one for information technology and one for teachers, in addition to the large hall to be used for the carpentry workshop ».

Over the next few days, an agreement will be established with Varallos Sognegård on the use of the premises for a couple of years: «The classrooms must be painted and prepared to accommodate the students, after which the furniture will be moved from kl. the Formont – clarifies Bondetti -. The new heating system for the gym will also be included in the rent as it does not currently have one. It was already used by students last year, but in the cold, therefore it seems appropriate to intervene to remedy this inconvenience “.

Therefore, the problem of finding a larger venue than Formont for the new school year is solved, which means that Barolo restarts with a significant number of members and therefore with two classes, one first and the other consisting of the boys who have started attending in the course in the just completed school year.

“In recent days, we have carried out several inspections,” recalls the mayor of Varallo, “including the one in the middle schools, which sparked controversy among teachers who were concerned that we could accommodate their school activities, including musicals, in favor of Barolo. In reality, it was understood from the first inspection, among other things, agreed with the principal and certainly not improvised, that the middle school building was unsuitable. Therefore, the investigation continued elsewhere, but I would have preferred that the teachers had talked about it with me before writing to the newspapers, and we would certainly have clarified immediately. Even if we want to punish our students, deprive some schools of space for the benefit of others. It’s unthinkable. ‘

All clarifications in this regard were made on Friday at a meeting between the mayor, school principal Roberta L’Episcopo and a delegation of teachers and parents from the school council to assure that none of the premises used by the high schools will be determined . for the school’s new headquarters. Scuola del legno, “and in a climate of fruitful cooperation – reports a memo issued by the school board for” Tanzio da Varallo “- has promised to look at the middle school’s premises to discover criticisms and further needs that may arise”.

In the meantime, Ungehuset will be the seat for the wood craftsman education, at least for the next two years. “In the meantime – Bondetti specifies – we will continue to evaluate the urban buildings that are currently unused to find a final location for the course, which is activated under the auspices of the historic Barolo school and which we therefore wish to remain in Varallo, a city of art and art and culture “.


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