Vacuum packaging machines with sizes and prices

That the food lasts much longer if it is vacuum packed: The food in the special container or bag is without air, which prevents most microorganisms and bacteria from developing and thus slowing down the aging process of food.

Vacuum-packed foods are possible instead of a few days keep perfect even for a few weeks: the ham which after a few hours starts to deteriorate, can last up to 3-4 days and fresh cheeses can last for up to two weeks. That vacuum-packed foods along with their spices so can they used for steaming in the oven or with the roner must be hooked to the edge of a pot full of water in which the bag can be dipped.

Vacuum packed with clock technology

The clock machines are larger and more voluminous. They are suitable for one professional use or for very large kitchensAs long as they almost fill drawer spaceas they are models from recessed. The bags are placed inside a chamber and several levels can be set, up to a vacuum corresponding to 99%.

Aegs KDE911423M bell vacuum drawer

Aegs KDE911423M bell-shaped vacuum drawer uses a professional oil pump system and allows 3 sealing levels for bags of different thicknesses, with the option to vacuum even glass jars with silicone gaskets or screw caps. It has 7 operating programs, 5 of which can be customized and the creation of the vacuum can be set up to 99%. The entire glass surface is made of stainless steel anti-fingerprint. Dimensions L 58 x D 58 x H 18 cm. Price 2,920 euros.

vacuum KVXXX 44601 kitchenaid

KVXXX 44601 built-in vacuum machine from KitchenAid

The KVXXX 44601 built-in vacuum machine from KitchenAid allows you to store in bags and jars. It has a cavity of 17 liters, a glass lid and an oil pump capacity of 4 m3 / h. Professional, it comes with storage and cooking bags. Dimensions L 60 x W 55 x H 45 cm. Dealer price.

vacuum EVS 7010 honey

EVS 7010 from Miele

The touch panel facilitates the settings of the built-in drawer for the Miele EVS 7010 vacuum sealer. 14 cm high, has a push opening, 4 mc / h pump outlet force and allows 3 suction levels. It allows you to seal containers, bags and even liquids and then vacuum cook them in the oven. Dimensions L 59.5 x W 57 x H 14 cm. Price 2,830 euros.

Vacuum packed with external aspiration

Easy and convenient to move, the vacuum packing devices located on the work surface of the kitchen can also be stored on a shelf or in a wall unit, without being too bulky. For sealing, it is sufficient to place a flap of the bag under the sealing rod to obtain an airtight seal.

vacuum limiting machine

Bepers vacuum cleaner

Beper Vacuum Machine has a dual function of sealing only or vacuum with sealing. It allows you to use bags up to 30 cm in width and has overheating protection. It comes with 5 reusable 25 × 30 cm bags. Dimensions L 38.5 x W 6.5 x H 7 cm. Price 34.90 euros.

vacuum vaccum sealer create ikhos

Created by Ikhos

It comes with 20 bags for vacuum packing, a sealing sponge that surrounds the sealing chamber and a universal sealing hose for cans, cans and food packages from the Create by Ikhos machine. It can seal bags up to 32 cm and has a suction capacity of -60 kPa. It has a power of 130 watts. Dimensions L 38 x W 17 x H 4.3 cm. Price 54.95 euros.

brandani vacuum packing machine

Techno Collection by Brandani

The vacuum machine from Brandani’s Techno Collection automatically sucks and seals the bags in a few moments at the touch of a button. It also has a sealing option. Power 100 watts. Price 86 euros.

Vacuum pump

Easy to handle, the vacuum pump has very low weight and dimensions. It works by applying it to a food bag or container with a valve: at the touch of a button, the pump draws the air out in a few seconds and stops automatically when the correct vacuum level is reached. However, the possibility of creating a vacuum is limited to normal atmospheric pressure, and can only be used for bags and containers that are already equipped with a sealing and closing valve.

vacuum packed roner twin

Sous-Vide from the Enfinigy line of Zwilling

The 8-piece Sous-Vide set from the Enfinigy line from Zwilling includes accessories for low-temperature cooking because it includes low-temperature cooking rons, the vacuum pump, 3 size S vacuum bags and 3 bags for vacuum size M. The vacuum pump and roner are cordless. Price 199 euros.

vacuum blender MS6CB61V1 bosch

ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 from Bosch

Convenient and handy, the Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 hand blender is also equipped with a vacuum system. In fact, it has as an accessory the pump to vacuum pack food in bags or containers. The 1000 watt motor and 12 speed settings with turbo function make it suitable for mixing any ingredient. Dimensions L 5 x W 6 x H 39 cm. Price 149.90 euros.

Power and vacuum value

Rate vacuum value – that the amount of air that the machine is capable of extracting from bags, containers, bottles – it is important to understand how much vacuum is created. The higher this value, the less air is left and therefore the food can be stored longer.

The vacuum value must be seen on the basis of the power, as a more powerful machine with a larger pump will create a better vacuum than a less powerful one. The suction power is expressed in mbar and usually it is in a vacuum machine for the home around 500/800 mbar (-50/80 Kpa).

vacuum packed VS3180X foodsaver

VS3190X from FoodSaver

It has a function to adjust the seal based on the moisture in the food and for the FoodSaver VS3190X marinade. It has an output of 500 mbar and is complete with a dishwasher-safe drip tray, roll holder compartment and integrated cutter, and thanks to the Sealing Only function, it can also be used with rollers, from which you can get bags of the desired length. .
It comes with bags and a 3 meter roll. Dimensions L 39 x D 21 x H 16 cm. Price 179.90.

9 vacuum packing machines

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