The school does not close in the summer! The misunderstood work of the ATA staff

By FLC CGIL Toscana.

“… School is a machine that never stops, at the service of students and families, to create new opportunities for each of them, to integrate, to enrich their experiences …”


The problem with ATA employees constitutes a strong limit to the school’s growth. Not to mention the methods of recruitment, the calculation of the workforce and the uncertainty in DSGA positions, most of which are entrusted to function, for which the Ministry refuses to initiate any discussion about their stabilization. For years, this staff, which guarantees functionality to our schools, has been subjected to ongoing cuts, which have greatly reduced staff. It is necessary to radically revise the choices of ATA staff based on the revision of the parameters in order to assign the aforementioned staff to schools that take into account the real complexity, rather than renewing a policy that has its dire precedents in the year 2008 , when they were repatriated well over 57,000 ATA staff.
We cannot limit ourselves to using the parameters of ATA staff without taking into account the enormous difficulties that schools are experiencing in dealing with the pandemic, with the persistent spread of positive cases in schools and the serious humanitarian crisis that schools are dealing with in receiving Ukrainian minors, currently estimated by Minister Bianchi at 25,000 units, which will reach 35,000 in September.


No school partner, no matter how many are absent from the same school, can be replaced in his or her first week of absence. In a school, let’s place a comprehensive institute (which is the scholastic institution with a particularly high number of plexuses, and usually the ratio of one or at most two scholastic partners per plexus), as one might like to arrange for the opening of the plexus, cleaning and, let us not forget, surveillance in case of absence, if this staff, already reduced to the bone by ongoing staff reductions, can not
not even be replaced?
Our schools cannot replace technical assistants and administrative assistants until after 30 days of absence. In this way, the schools will lack the sole person responsible for the technical management of the laboratories and for the safety during the exercises, with major consequences for the laboratory teaching. The push towards digitalisation that has become necessary because of Covid is an aspect that needs to be strengthened and encouraged, regardless of the pandemic; it is unthinkable to go back, but it is necessary to increase the IT staff in TA, in each
school order.
Each year the secretariats have to produce a huge amount of administrative documents for newly recruited staff, as well as carry out the “ordinary” work that in recent years has been burdened with practices historically carried out by other state offices, with always different bureaucratic procedures instead of simplifying makes it even more complicated to perform administrative work. In addition, the need to perform not only its own tasks, but also the absent colleague gas, which can not be replaced.


For ATA employees, the school does not end with the end of the lessons, as the work for the following school year must necessarily be carried out during the summer period, where you are understaffed due to the colleagues’ temporary period. It is hardly possible to fit the shifts of the holidays as there are incessant commitments. We try to jump through the cracks so as not to leave shift colleagues in trouble, who are all aware that on returning home there will inevitably be backlogs that need to be disposed of as those who remain at work will not be able to cope with the entire workload. In this context, one asks how it is possible to link the substitutes to the secretarial staff to the end of the teaching activities (10 June or 30 June) if the requirements after this date do not decrease, but on the contrary increase. It becomes clear that no one outside the secretarial staff has the perception of the amount of work that is triggered with school graduation. In an ideal school, the secretarial staff has a time-limited contract with a single deadline: 31 August, completely independent of the end of the school and therefore in accordance with the work they have to perform, which has no continuity solution depending on the end of the lessons. The deadlines of 10 or 30 June do not belong to this professional profile.
In the same way, the school co – operation staff finds themselves in the summer period and with reduced staff in managing the NOPs, which increasingly form an integral part of the school institutions’ education plan, but which do not take due account of this staff. often provides their reduced availability and often useless to consider. Let us not forget that the activities related to education projects represent an extra extra task, even for those who have to refer to the cleaning and hygiene services, without counting the help of the children involved in these activities. School partners, in addition to being in difficulty during the summer period due to contracts on 10 or 30 June, are in the same situation in September and even until mid-October due to delays in the recruitment of annual or deputies, precisely at the moment when school environments need to be prepared to receive students. The municipalities often plan renovation work in the first half of September, and it is even more difficult for these employees to furnish the schools adequately if the staff is reduced. There are schools where there is one scholastic partner per plexus, and from 15 September onwards, if the staff is not complete as usual, it will be impossible to open all the schools.


The so-called Covid staff was fundamental in the pandemic period to guarantee all aspects with the aim of guaranteeing safety and health in all educational institutions on the national territory. The need for schools to be emphasized several times for this staff to become part of the staff available to schools from the beginning of the school year, but to date there is no trace of the expansion of this staff, leaving schools alone. a condition of opening in September that is set to become difficult, if not insurmountable, with many educational institutions not even wanting enough staff to guarantee supervision in the various complexes.


The next renewal of the CCNL (expired on 31/12/2018) requires additional resources that allow a greater improvement in the professionalism of the ATA staff at the school as well as a review of the tasks performed by this staff. Let us not forget that the concept of “educational community”, approved by the CCNL School 2016/18, must be an integral part of any school with due regard for this staff.


The school is a machine that never stops, at the service of students and families, to create new opportunities for each of them, to integrate, to enrich their experiences. After completing the didactic activities for the administrative staff, the school means:

  • Remedial courses: lists of students with suspended sentences, communication to families, requests for availability of teachers for courses, preparation of the ranking, identification, contracts, subsequent payment of fees.
  • Preparation of all documents in connection with examinations for adjourned sentences, both for all aspects concerning students and families, and concerning teachers, including any replacements.
  • Handling of absent students and definition of students in the classes in the following school year.
  • Impact approval or rejection of transfer requests from other departments, (including inquiries to families), consequent documents for the supplementary examination, including assignments and any replacements for teachers.
  • Confirmations of enrollments in the first classes of the following school year (pupils from primary schools), information for families and receipt for documentation, definition of data useful for class formation and class formation in the electronic register database.
  • The state examinations, with the obligations related to the students (data entry to SIDI for activation of the Web Commissions application), the contracts for the internal commissioners (including short-term extensions and conversion of part-time employees full time), the subsequent liquidation of their remuneration and the (external) presidents.
  • All the actions associated with the determination and request of the faculty staff.
  • The adaptation of support staff by sending the detailed data on the L.104 student certifications and the results of the needs identified in the EIPs.
  • The sending of the final analytical ballot papers to SIDI, both in June and after the exams are canceled.
  • Dispatch to the Regional Scholastic Observatory of the ballot paper results, both in June and after the suspended court examinations (in a format other than SIDI) and of the state examination results.
  • Recalculation of the holidays not taken by the deputies (decree with submission to the accounts for ATAs and insertion R2 for teachers).
  • Settlement of auxiliary competencies for all staff (MOF).
  • The settlement from the school budget of the PCTO and fees for funded projects, including any external experts.
  • The monthly complaints F24 and DMA. Preparation of severance pay for retired employees from 01/09.
  • Preparation of confirmation actions in the role and / or passing the test period Teachers.
  • Handling of electronic invoices on the SIDI portal, their control, settlement and registration.
  • Checking supplies, testing and inventory records, also managing maintenance as it benefits from the absence of students.
  • Any GPS, every two years (and three years for the 3rd ATA band), as the USP always delegates schools (whose leadership is in the summer, as the calls are always close to the summer).
  • Subsequent accounting control of payments, decrees, absences (so-called sampling DL123 / 2011 and subsequent changes and additions);
  • The inevitable collaboration with the MEF for salaries and problem solving for staff;
  • And the inevitable PON project reporting revisions. Of course, all the actions associated with the above must be recorded continuously without interruption.


In a context where the current organic tables on the allocation of ATA staff to schools do not take into account their real complexity needs, the so-called staff in dispensation provided by the school office to schools on the basis of their expressed needs assumes extreme importance. . These are some sporadic units of school partners or administrative / technical staff that are made available annually by the territorially competent school office, after acknowledging the requests for additional staff requirements reported by the schools. The problem is that the requests of educational institutions are innumerable for several reasons, such as the complexity of the same, number of complexes, territorial shift, number of students, presence of student H, staff with disabilities or reductions in the performance of certain tasks in profile professional membership. .. and the number of units of ATA staff given annually is small … very small. This does not represent the solution to the ten-year reductions in ATA staff, it does not represent the definitive answer to the strengthening of one’s often worn and underestimated work, but a lifeline, to avoid drowning with another school year that is practically has already begun.

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