School, green light for the ITS Academy reform

After a process that lasted over a year, the chamber gave the final green light to the law establishing Higher technology institutes, post-diploma vocational schools alternative to universities

The reform establishing the new ITS, the Higher Institute of Technology, also called Its Academy, is law. With the green light from the Chamber, a new phase begins, which aims to make the link between education and work, school and profession even closer. All this thanks to funds from PNRR.

the news

The new Its Academies will have more technological areas than the current 6 and will include areas such as ecological conversion and digital conversion with the aim of having greater competencies within strategic sectors for the development of the country. The training activity will for at least 60% of the total hours be carried out by teachers from the world of work, while the company’s internships and training internships, compulsory for at least 35% of the total hours, can also be provided abroad and they will be supported by scholarships.



Pnrr: Bianchi, 800 million digital training program

The new ITS will be funded with a specific fund of over 48 million euros per year from this year. The “ITS Academy National Committee” will also be set up, which will be able to lead young people into the labor market by consulting local companies and associations. Finally, the reform allows for information campaigns, workshops, orientation activities, as is the case in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany for young people who are still in doubt about which path to take and who have limited knowledge of these postgraduates. courses. students are enrolled, far better than ours. 800 thousand registered in Germany. 21 thousand from us.

The goal of ITS


Results Invalsi 2022: 1 in 10 maturation does not have the basic skills

Eleven years after their birth, ITS will have the improvement they have long deserved in terms of the quality of education provision and employability: according to data from the National Surveillance 2022, for example, out of 5,280 graduates, 80% (4,218) found employment in year 2021 despite the restrictions and difficulties caused by the pandemic.

The reactions

Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi is pleased and stresses: “The reform is one of the most important of our Pnrr and provides the opportunity to expand the education offer for female students as a whole, with the aim of doubling the number of members. Yes. It is a step forward for education system and for our industrial development. ” Other positive reactions come from the regions and from the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies Maria Stella Gelmini “The Higher Institute of Technology – ITS Academy finally finds a stable regulatory reference framework that depends on 1.5 billion euros activated by National Recovery and Resilience – he comments – an inevitable opportunity to modernize our education system “. Instead, CGIL criticizes “The danger with this new training system – comments the Federal Secretary Christian Ferrari and the General Secretary of CGIL CGIL, Francesco Sinopoli – is that the resources used only go into the hands of companies”.

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