Schneider Electric introduces a digital twin software solution

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin reduces setup times by up to 60% and time-to-market by up to 50% by revolutionizing machine design and design processes

Stezzano (BG) July 13, 2022 – Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, introduced the EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, a scalable digital twin software solution to control the entire life cycle of the machine,

This software allows machine builders to create digital models of real machines, to be able to design and implement them in a virtual way before building the machine itself. The intuitive software environment includes mechatronic components to be deployed with drag-and-drop commands, virtual and augmented reality interfaces, application-focused libraries; all this makes it possible to design the electrical, mechanical and control aspects in parallel.

The open programming environment of this solution allows you to add elements and extensions, with a wealth of modules and desires and a perfect integration with EcoStruxure Machine Expert and EcoStruxure Machine Advisor; It also adapts to customer data sources, workflows and processes. EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin therefore helps OEMs to improve design processes and quality and minimize machine setup time. It also offers unprecedented levels of flexibility and efficiency for operation and maintenance.

“The digital twin software allows you to design new machines, create more agile production and improve the performance of the machines themselves,” he comments. Ali Haj Fraj, Senior Vice President, Digital Factory at Schneider Electric. “Smart manufacturing provides more productivity and flexibility. With EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, we are entering the future of this sector by offering OEMs tools that accelerate time-to-market, reduce the risk of errors and enable them to create machines. which are fully fit for purpose. ”

With the EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, customers can expect:

• 60% saving on machine setup time;

• up to 50% faster time-to-market;

• Up to 20% savings on quality-related costs thanks to the ability to perform tests before and during commissioning.

Revolutionizes the design process

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin is used throughout the life cycle of the machine: from sales and concept to design, production and operation. Being able to transform project ideas into compelling animations to be used in the sales phase helps customers visualize the finished product correctly; virtual design pushed in depth helps improve and verify prototypes, reduce quality risks and costs, accelerate time-to-market.

Transformation of machine construction

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin revolutionizes machine design by digitizing all processes, from detailed design to mechanical, electrical and control aspects, allowing you to virtually test the strategies and implementation process; they also shorten the times for factory approval test (FAT). The solution also improves system integration testing, increases software quality, accelerates production start-up and saves valuable factory delivery time.

Improve the operation of the machines

The EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin can also open up new revenue streams for manufacturers who can offer services, operator training, offer improvements and updates throughout the machine’s life cycle. The software allows OEMs to offer new services based on digital twin, improve the software and virtually test updates, reduce downtime.

Who is Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s goal is give everyone the opportunity to make the best use of energy and resources by combining progress and sustainability. That’s what we define, Life Is On. Our mission is to be Digital partner for sustainability andefficiency. We drive digital transformation by integrating the world’s best processes for process and energy management, connected products from the field to the cloud, control solutions, software and services throughout the life cycle; in this way we enable the integrated management of homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructures, industries. We are the most local of global companies. We promote the adoption of open standards and the creation of partnership ecosystems that share one with us meaningful purpose and ours inclusion values and of empowerment of people.

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