Palermo Pride. Here, the gender cocktail for children and blasphemy is funded by Lagalla

That gay prides, so to speak, are not refined gala dinners, but events with a pressured and often extreme outline, that is, have not been news for a while. Yet what we saw last week in Sicily on the occasion of Palermo Pride is truly an exaggeration in a Rossinian crescendo of provocations and blasphemous acts; but let’s go in order. The first data to be recorded regarding this event is largely political and relates to the protection, complete with generous funding, that the capital city of Palermo intended to allocate to the event.

We are talking about an amount, all the more so given the times, undoubtedly significant – 15,000 euros – and which, and is perhaps the most striking aspect, allocated by the administration under the leadership of i.a. Roberto Lagallawhose academic credentials no one discusses (he was for years the rector of Palermo University), but who comes from a party, Union of Center, in theory firmly rooted in the bed of Christian values. Okay, but how do you explain these 15,000 euros? Asking themselves are politicians from the same Sicilian center, such as Stefano Santoro, exponent of the brothers in Italy.


Especially since Mayor Lagalla did not limit himself to financially supporting Pride, but also went personally to the event. “My regards“Be his word,”to a plural and inclusive community, just as a modern and welcoming city must be. Palermo does not withdraw on rights“For God’s sake, it’s true that especially after the case of Donatella Tesei – the president of Umbria, who first signed pro – family commitments and then ended up sponsoring LGBT events -, there is little to be surprised about; However, the case of Palermo Pride can in no way be taken lightly; and not just for the political data just mentioned.

Closely linked to it, there is actually also an ethical to the extent one discovers how support from Metropolitan City went to”workshop show for boys and girls by Dudi Library and Rainbow Families“. Such”laboratory“Included”reading aloud against stereotypes by Davide Schirò for boys and girls aged 4 and up“; reading ‘dedicated to free boys and girls, to colored shadows, extraordinary allies of equally extraordinary boys and girls who have the courage to be themselves“. Among such readings, performed or recommended, there were according to what one understands them of texts such as Wonderful families book by Francesco Maddaloni and Guido Radaelli published by Salani Editore.


For those unfamiliar with this basic work, this is an illustrated volume – “an original collection of postmodern fables», Insures the foreword by Maria Luisa Iavarone -, by flipping through where you can, for example, get to know the story of Carlo and Fernando, two flamingos who fall in love and who are so happy for other similar couples who have children, “But they are also sad because their nest remains empty and they fear they will have to give up the dream of becoming a father.“.

The two’s disappointment seems inconsolable until one beautiful night Marisol, a paired flamingo and already a mother, “sI present their nest with one of its large eggs. “It’s for you. Keep it. We all have the right to a family. And what’s more natural than the desire to have children?” Thanks to this gift, so to speak, Nina is born and she grows up, write Maddaloni and Radaelli, “Thanks to the love of his two fathers.” Now as far as the Coin Text is concerned, it is also here that it is impossible not to notice a fine propaganda work that smuggles deprivation of origin of the mother figure to the detriment of a child as alleged “right” Of all “to a family“.

What exactly is the connection between a Palermo that “does not withdraw from rights“And the strange expressions with star and the readings like Wonderful families for the kids? Maybe it does not mean giving rainbow texts of a similar tenor to minors to be medieval, ugly and evil? It would be interesting if the Lagalla Council, which did not hesitate to use taxpayers’ money to support such initiatives, would provide some answers; but let’s move on, because unfortunately the strong involvement of minors is not the last aspect of this story. In fact, the blasphemous side to be considered is also a result present at the Palermo demonstration.


A blasphemous side, by the way was seen parade clearly with signs drawn in the style of sacred cards, contained writings such as: “Santuzza marches with us. The pride of asserting oneself against all normsIt goes without saying that one could go on for a long time in the narrative of what happened along the streets of the Sicilian capital; signs of religious sensitivity and public funding incredibly provided by center-right politicians – there are already enough, enough to get your hands on your hair, of course.

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