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Manitou due to its excellent commercial performance, it renews its commitment to environmental and social issues. In the second edition of the On the Way Up event, he illustrated the progress of Corporate social responsibility (Csr) and announced a three-year development timeline for a number of hydrogen off-road vehicles which will be launched between 2025 and 2027.

“This year we have defined a clear organizational structure and Goal ambitious long-term. We are in the initial stages, but I am confident of progress “ comments Michel DenisPresident and CEO of Manitou Group.

Our goals have been shared within the group and with all our partners. We are well on our way to New Horizons 2025 Strategy Planhe adds Aude BrézacDirector of CSR Manitou.

The company focused on the four pillars: ethics, emission reduction, workplace well-being and circular economy
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Green hydrogen, an alternative to electrification?

Between alternative power sources hydrogen is one of the most discussed. We are talking aboutgreen hydrogenor the “carbon-free” version produced by electrolysis of water molecules thanks to wind energy, capable of combining accumulation of energy and charging speed: basic properties of work machines.

“We have a three-year project development, assembly and testing of hydrogen means under real conditions: the first machine is being assembled and we are working on two intervals different for off-road applications. We have also started the construction of our first hydrogen filling station. “ Narrator Julien WaechterVice President of R&D for Manitou.

Timeline for designing the prototype of the hydrogen telescopic reader

Manitou plans to commercialize its hydrogen cars between 2025 and 2027
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Reducing emissions drives the Manitou strategy

The path that Manitou has taken is oriented towards lower carbon dioxide emissions and takes the form of a series of actions contained in a common strategy to reduce the CO2 footprint. The group aims for 2030 reduce CO2 emissions by 46% and in particular those of its own resources of 34%.

“We have adopted a method of calculating carbon footprint which takes into account emissions from each sector and in all areas. The sale of an electric car will therefore have a different meaning depending on the country of sale, because we want to take into account the local energy mix “ explains Brézac. “This indicator will be strategic for our company: we will be able to do that guide and regulate our strategy in the best way”.

Low emission machines, the group’s future

The Group’s assessment showed that 89% of the issues are relateduse of machines. Delivering to customers will be central to Manitou’s strategy zero emission solutions or low emissions, without reducing performance and autonomy.

In 2022, the launch of seven became one low emissions in addition to the electrification of all lifts and telehandlers. In 2023, the ongoing process will also continue for products destined for agricultural market. These solutions, according to Elisabeth AusimourPresident of the Manitou Products Division will guarantee customers savings of up to 20% in administration costs.

“We have set ourselves the goal of reaching a share of cars sold with low emissions of 43% by 2030. Therefore, we will focus onelectrical energybut also on other energies such ashydrogen adds Ausimour.

Ethics: in Manitou, we are all the same

Among the basic goals of the company’s CSR areEquality. Manitou’s strategy uses an index based on salary, career development, gender diversity and precariousness to measure level of inequality present in the group. “As of the third quarter of 2022, the index has been rolled out in India, the United States, Italy and France” explains Aude Brézac.

Another action taken is the definition of guidelines for the management of sponsorships. “We are intensifying our commitment to the projects we support. By 2025, we aim to allocate 1% of our net profits to initiatives that address, among other things, education and inclusion adds Brézac.

New factories, more security for everyone

Manitou’s social commitment also goes through care of human capital. Therefore, the French group has invested in safety in the workplace to guarantee a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.

“At the beginning of last year, we invested 150 million euros in our industrial plant. Our new factory in Candé, France, inaugurated at the end of March, is a perfect example “ says Elisabeth Ausimour.

Cande Manitou plant 2022

The new Manitou factory, the flagship of the French group
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Circular economy: nothing is thrown out

With an approach of economy circular, the group aims to expand product life cycle recycle end-of-life vehicles and increase the use of recycled materials.

Manitou estimates that there are over 182,000 cars over 15 years in circulation, very close to the end of their lives. In short, we are talking about 600 thousand tonnes of potentially recyclable materials.

Since 2018, the company has been researching how to handle decommissioned vehicles so that they do not harm the environment. “The benefits are also economic – explains Pascal Graff, Manitou’s Director of Service Development. That components in a discarded machine can be sold as remanufactured parts or as used parts, respectively 70% or 30-50% of the original part. Or recycled directly as raw material (metals, plastics, rubber, etc.) “.

Manitou_officina recycling components_csr.jpeg

The workshops selected by Manitou can disassemble and repair all components in disused vehicles
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“Recycling of the components he adds Duygu SekerVice President of the Spare Parts Business Unit – it reduces maintenance costs for our customers and gives new life to used parts which, when regenerated, have the same warranty as new ones. Remanufactured spare parts are already available in 30 countries, mainly in Europe and the United States..

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