LOW-L Fest, DAY 2 (Guardamiglio, 18/06/22) – Punkadeka

What can I write other than beautiful things about this festival? First of all I start with the compliments to those who carefully designed and organized the whole carousel, You managed to give a super professional and European imprint to a provincial party, it was my first Low-L and until today I had heard about it very well from my editorial colleagues, after touching everything with my hand, I can only confirm everything and say that it might be hard to explain how beautiful it is to fool around on that lawn, in front of a stage for special occasions with room lights , with controcazzi technicians making everything perfect, sipping excellent beers from one of my favorite breweries, BrewFist, at affordable and affordable prices, and then moving on from the distros to hug my friends who have come a long way to be there, starting with Max Galli, Bolzo from Anfibio, Zoe and Tom from Radio Punk with the great Andrea from Ostia Records and Roberto ‘of Hellnation, who I had not seen in years, who I stop to drink one of the ma nge beer with and to talk about new productions, and last but not least Luca Mazza, who collaborates with Low-L Crew, yes guys, not one who does not know his job!
In short, the day started in the best way and we immediately get into a great mood, the kids play free, the adults shoot each other with water guns and the beers float, which is a pleasure, and the festival begins in every way with the fun. Punkadeka Girlz interview with Ultimi and Plakkaggio, with the surprise topic taken from a box, the interview clearly ended with water guns, then the music starts with the winners of our Continuous Erection competition, I already knew them and they seem to be much improved since last I so those that can be dated back to about 10 years ago, there are no crowds but lots of approved glances and asses moving thanks to the determination they give off; during the short scene change, our girls finish the interview with the headlines from tonight’s Bull Brigade, then Lineout always on stage, a group that I have long wanted to see, and finally I have removed the whim, the technique of selling and a great presence on stage, discreetly followed by heads holding the rhythm, I am immersed in barchat with the hundreds of friends who show up with a nice smile and already spread arms, but the ear is always on stage and I have to say that it comes a great quartet sound out, as well as for Palm Down, many are here for him, and I reluctantly discover that this is his last show, which is still divine and full of emotion, even for me who does not know him. People are starting to approach the barrier, also thanks to the fact that the sounds are perfect, the volume is excellent but not annoying, my favorite runners arrive in sprinkles and sadness, I love Bad Frog, they barely know me and it seems to me that be one of the family when I’m in their midst … after Palm Down it’s the turn of the first acoustic set with Dan On The Moon, which I do not know, but which creates a nice shawl mood, many come in a semicircle to listen to him, he also shuts in the sweaty applause and passes the ball on to the super-brave rockers Los Fuocos on the main stage, active for several years and a lot of pure energy that eventually moves the audience a little, without knowing them. can only appreciate their skill, but the beauty of these festivals is that they know a lot of interesting groups. After them we return to the acoustic scene for Corbetta’s Fat Mike, Andy Ramponi you may know him as a bassist in Discomostro, but let me say that even as a soloist he knows how to make beautiful music, his record is “fine thanks” beautiful and I recommend it as I of course recommend to go and see him live that he deserves a lot, even here are many people to follow him, besides his monsters flock many children in front of him to listen to his stories, then it is again the main stage turns, the audience during the stage becomes important because Plakkaggio from Colleferroth comes up, I ask and get in 2 ″ pass to serious photographers from Claudio, for whom I thank a lot, and I sling under the stage for a little metal sport the public is exalted and already from the first notes unleash the wild pogo, the Plakkaggios who are well accustomed to these things suggest not reducing the adrenaline to the last collective blasphemy, with wet eyes and happy with all the pit that thanks. We move back to the stage to listen to the beautiful covers with Camilla’s ukulele aka Skytea fo Warriors, very well get everyone present to sing and dance, a beautiful interlude much appreciated after what I heard, then after a refreshing beer where I lost some fluid with Plakkaggio I go back under the scene that Gli Ultimi is about to start, now you might, if you have read the reviews or some live reports, know that I have some weakness for them, even here after the very first note you immediately go to push, point fingers and swollen veins are so many, I also venture into the pit, but you do not move with the reflex camera, there is a large amount and there is not one who does not singing, and at some point before “Fables” Maurizio stops to congratulate my little girl who turns 8 the next day, it’s no use explaining my feelings to you, but above all Camilla who is in love with these guys, thank you very much to you, and heartfelt thanks to Deka and Amanda, de I do not understand they love me even though they are an old pain in the ass. Did you think the emo moment was over? I miss the rooster because just a few rounds of bass later two youngsters go up on stage, he kneels in front of her in the middle of the audience screaming, and the “yes” that makes the cave explode, like when Totti made “is the spoon” “! The concert resumes between street songs and poems that tear your heart out, we all sing and it’s beautiful.
Last time on the acoustic stage with the Milanese legend Viboras, today in a duet with Irene and the beautiful man from Sal, good guys my age have grown up with these pieces and the acoustics give them something melancholy, many make a semicircle and there is practically no place in front, Irene’s magnificent voice fills the speakers, and they end, as always, with thunderous applause, a good break from the pogo before the grand finale, the Bull Brigades prepare and whether you like it or not. as far as I am concerned, they are perhaps the most followed band in Italy at the moment, thanks to Eugenio’s incredible pen and the skill of those who throw notes out and sweat without a dirt. I do not even have to pay them, pit catches fire, I freak out with “tired hearts” But I can see that everyone for better or worse is in the same situation as me, I move away from the comfort zone for a moment, I leave my precious reflex in the hands of my wife and I also throw myself in the middle, there also happens a very fun curtain with my hat and Gabba dei Vibora’s hat we needed a video cazz, but eventually I became acquainted with crowdsurfing despite my almost 90 kg, good guys in the pit who go to the gym to please the older panzoni … in the Bull Brigade do not give up a shit, Giusti degli Erzione Continua goes up to do “submerged”, so after medley and a couple of lights go out, and then suddenly the second day of Low-L is over, with applause and a touch of sweat, tired but happy eyes and wonderful smiles … and to the music of my friend Alessandro’s DJ SET we leave the kids collapses from sleep.
So what to say? I say THANK YOU to those who got involved, to those who worked hard and only out of passion for the success of this great event, to those who offered me another beer like this just because they were happy to see me , to my family and to my friends who followed me in this, to all those who took an instrument and joined thousands of children, to those who invented hugs, because after two years without damned contacts I needed them, to the excellent editorial staff that I have been writing bullshit for 10 years … see you next year? I COUNT THE DAYS!

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