IED Design Show_A Snapshot of Today: Why It’s Worth Visiting

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European Institute of Design gifts IED Design Show_A snapshot of todayan exhibition set up in the rooms of the historic headquarters IED Torino from via San Quintino 39which will be open to the public, from July 13 to September 30to celebrate and tell visitors about the work of students and invite the design community and the public to discover new generations of the Italian design scene.

IED Design Show_A snapshot of today it is a narrative space that moves among the many expressive languages ​​and design disciplines that the IED feeds with its teachings, letting young designers’ point of view and design development emerge. They are entrusted with the complex interpretation of the contemporary, studied through the design tools they acquire and experiment at the same time.

Thus, the hall, the classrooms, the laboratories, the offices and the corridors of the headquarters are populated by one hundred and thirty-seven jobs that those involved more than two hundred IED students, recent graduates And graduates of the rates of Design, Fashion, Visual art And Announcementselected and selected by the curators Sara Fortunati, Director of Turin Design ClubAnd Benedetta Lenzi, Head of Cultureto tell the great creative fermentation that the school produces every day.

Every day, in the classrooms and laboratories of our school, projects of student form that experience the vision of design from different angles, thanks to the guidance of professional teachers and collaboration with the world of companies and institutions, which allows them to compete continuously with the productive and cultural system – declares Paola Zini, Director of IED TurinWith this exhibition we want to present the complexity of the contemporary to the public, translated by the students through their projects. IED Design Show_A Snapshot of Today is the collective portrait of a generation, a snapshot showing a key to understanding our present.

The path winds thematic sections enclosed in coffin classrooms, which contain do you live, digital campaigns, photographic reportage, interior projects, jeweler, visual identity studies, concept car models, video, illustrations; project results that open up insights into major topics today that originate from very different paths, but through which it is possible to grasp common references, assonances, sensitivities.

The exhibition not only permeates the classrooms, but also spreads into the common areas, which are experienced daily by children, teachers and IED staff.

A collective of students from the three-year courses in Home Design, Graphic Design and Illustration, led by Marilivia Minnici, Exhibition designer And Eleonora DianaTechnical direction, Lighting designer and IED teacher.

The visual story of IED Design Show_A snapshot of today is made by the creativity of Irene Scanavaccastudents in the Illustration course, Francesca piano And Patrick Ometto, student in Graphic Design. Under the guidance of Sara MaragottoCoordinator of the Illustration course, e.g. Flavia Giolito, graphic designer and IED teacher on the Illustration course, the team illustrated the constant exchange and daily interactions between students, disciplines and courses on the playground at a creative school. That main symbol it is represented by circles, molecules that superimpose, unite, connect, refer to people and ideas that attract and aggregate and form new design organisms.

IED Design Show_A snapshot of today

European Institute of Design – Via San Quintino 39, Turin

Open to the public: July 13 – September 30, 2022

Hours: 10am – 5pm

Closed: Saturday and Sunday; from 6 to 21 August 2022


Free access

The seven thematic clusters of the IED Design Show_A Snapshot of Today

1. The geographies of the self

The exhibited projects in this space examine the ego and the body, enter a path of self-narrative and confirm new identity paths, through the search for an encounter between inner perception and outer reality, stimulation of the senses or the discovery of a dimension, intimate, reflected in the space we inhabit, the explosion of the self that emerges from the intestines.

Among the exhibited project results, he stands out Emersions, Thesis project in Illustration from Luca Bretani. The central question of coming out to LGBT + people, a key to reading Brittany’s work, concerns an intimate dimension related to the self, which explodes to tell the world about itself. The figures illustrated in Emersions they make a Dante’s journey into the depths of the earth to get to know each other, writhe soaked with mystery and finally for self-determination, to “see the stars again”.

2. Coexistence

Within Coexistenze, we immerse ourselves in a reflection on the profound change in the individual’s relationship to the environment and natural resources, on the rebuilding of new ways of relating, where man and nature can interact and find themselves in synergy.

Inside this room is located Chirp Chipspart of the thesis project in Product design of the student Lucilla Ligrani.

The student’s research work focuses on the Alexandrian singer-songwriter and producer Elasi, partner of Tesi, for which students have created two different types of products: limited edition pieces for the stage object and items that can be reproduced in series for merchandise. Lucilla Ligrani interprets the meaning of the song Cicadas by the artist Elasi – who tells of the fear of the younger generations floating in a world of creatures hybridized with insects – in a merchandise product represented by a packet of “chips”, made with cricket flour, made with a compostable bioplastic. An unusual, playful and innovative snack that is able to combine organic and eco-sustainable alternatives in one pop key.

The others

The other is a mirror, a projection of itself, an object of knowledge, a point of observation. And if isolation, as a choice or as a limitation, is something we have all experienced now, the bonds to others lead us to follow paths of continuous emotional rapprochement and alienation, to rediscover deep connections crossed by time, to provide value back to each of our senses in the exploration of the other.

The thesis project in Photography from Marco Corboby title The others, visually tells the life of four people, which the author defines as far from everything, from society, from the chaos of city life. To explore the identities of others, Corbo approached their everyday lives by reflecting on themselves in them. By discovering the history of others, discovering their habits, the loneliness of the main characters disappears: it is nature, the light, the relationship to art that fills what would be considered empty.

4. Feeling at home

Feeling at home is an emotional place built on memories and gestures, but also on habits and rules, recognized and shared. From there, we begin to explore the world, to discover different ways of living together, to explore distant or unusual social norms, to travel into the future or into space. There we return, also through affective objects that stimulate our memories or a sense of familiarity, gestures from the past that we rediscover to find ourselves, rituals that make up our domestic habits.

You feel at home by reviewing the subject’s thesis students’ projects Graphic design under the guidance of the Italian editorial coordination of Touring Club, has studied and developed new graphic solutions for Green Guides and Green Pocket Guides and envisions a relaunch of products across media between paper and web. The results redevelop the travel theme, telling it in a path that is composed, side by side, between places and experiences, adapt the traditional guide to the needs of the modern traveler.

A guide in handby Sara Chiarella, Matteo Dessì, Benedetta Tesauro, Sara Tortore;

Pimp My Guideby Veronica Mocchetti, Vincent Morello, Anastasia Pinto, Francesca Tavarone;

Future destinationby Francesco Agosta, Alexandra Cataraga, Elena Cavigiolo, Costella Javgureanu.

5. Inside the absurd

The absurd is a weapon. He uses irony as an escape route, increases its power to question reality, gets a clear and distant point of view. It plays by bringing us into a dimension of suspension of judgments and rules in everyday life, which increases the courage to an ease, often not without depth. It translates into projects that manage to dispel the contradictions of our time with a transformative capacity and a provocative charge and into a design that circumvents functionality and undermines logic.

In this room, the visitor encounters a bizarre army of extravagant, extra-large, psychedelic clothes, the results of the students’ thesis projects in Fashion designmade for the Alexandrian singer-songwriter and producer Elasi. To tell the story of the eccentric bosses, a video that captures a bizarre award ceremony between reality and hyperreality: The actors are real people and avatars living together in the same context, shot through some screens in situations that arise simultaneously, albeit in different connections. The only one left behind will be Elasi, in a final cameo, to embody the reality and extravagance of the students’ creations.

Cimarròn, by Gabriele Falaguerra. Photo credit: PEPE Photography;

Le Me Sleep, by Giovanni Marchetti. Photo credit: PEPE Photography;

Filler, by Giulia Nani. Photo credit: PEPE Photography;

Synapsesvideo of the thesis projects for Product and Fashion Design aa21 / 22. Video credit: PEPE Fotografia.

6. To create worlds

You enter this space, attracted by the work of symbols, by allegorical figures, by stereotypical notions, by research into the visual elements that characterize new or traditional aesthetics, by codification and decontextualization of rituals, codes and customs.

Here you can experience the sensations of virtual travel, browse through creative content, such as the thesis projects in Course of Communication designdeveloped by students to Actually BessonPartner in Thesis.

The means of transport to explore new ways of communicating? A virtual reality viewer and a navigable display that provides access to digital projects, developed with the support of Revibe – Metaverse factory.

7. Distances

In this exhibition space, the relationship between the sizes and their perceptions is expressed in distances to cross, to inhabit, to represent: suspended atmospheres of nearby places that seem distant, the disorientation of the transition to adulthood. Time and space open up nuanced possibilities, expanding and compressing the workplace and privacy when split, improving the ability to accelerate, pushing us to cross the surface of our planet.

Among the projects on display, the project is significant My journey – NaTUraof the student Alessandro Paone of the course in Design of jewelry and accessoriesBy replying to the letter from the customer company, Foglizzowho called for the creation of an accessory that would delay the movement, Paone calls the relationship rediscovered with a nature that in recent years has been able to take over man, especially during the explosion of the pandemic and forced lockdowns, in strong contrast with the cemented landscapes where nature had no more space.

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