Health District, renovations and new clinics for the Sassuolo and Formigine Healthcare Centers

Restructuring and opening of the Chronicity Clinic at Casa della Salute in Formigine as well as Restructuring of the Casa della Salute in Sassuolo with the opening of new clinics and the activation of the Territorial Surgery Center for remote monitoring of chronic patients thanks to telemedicine. These are the key innovations planned for the coming years in the Sassuolo Health District and illustrated today by the District Health Director Federica Ronchetti to the new Director General of the Modena Local Health Authority Anna Maria Petrini and to the new Health Director Romana Bacchi. Today’s visit to the Sassolese area follows the other visits by Petrini and Bacchi to the provincial districts to touch on the socio – health realities of the area, get to know the professionals working there and the local voluntary associations.

The day began at Casa della Salute Villa Bianchi in Casinalbo, one of the two Poles in Casa della Salute in Formigine and the only facility in the province dedicated entirely to children. Within the Casinalbo facility, there are pediatricians of your choice, gathered in a group clinic, child and adolescent neuropsychiatry, with a special focus on caring for the disabled, and some consulting and pediatric services in local communities such as maternity and breastfeeding courses. One of the goals is to create an interdisciplinary operational core together with free-choice pediatricians and support routes for future parents in case of prenatal diagnosis of disability. In Formigine, the center of Casa della Salute is dedicated to adults, which in the coming years (by 2026) will be renovated thanks to the funds provided by Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan): in the structure where clinic is already present nursing, an outpatient clinic dedicated to the chronically ill will be activated by dedicated specialists, with special attention to diabetics, heart patients and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The day continued at Sassuolo Hospital, which in recent months has become fully part of the Modena Local Health Authority with the completion of the process of acquiring the shares from private partner Atrikè Spa Petrini and Bacchi executives met with General Manager Stefano Reggiani, the medical director Silvio Di Tella (who also holds the position of director of the hospitals in Modena Ausl), the administrative director Gianluca Bagnoli and the director of human resources Mariangela Vitone. The visit was also an opportunity to get to know the directors and managers of the hospital’s operating units and the nursing coordinators. Petrini and Bacchi also visited the outpatient clinics inside the hospital with various specialists, including day hospital oncology, dialysis and diabetes and pediatric neuropsychiatry, where the photo exhibition ‘Oltre’, which is set up inside the pediatric neuropsychiatry, is set up. .

During the meeting with the healthcare staff, together with the Director General of Stefano Reggiani Hospital, Petrini emphasized that the Sassuolo Hospital “it has always been an innovative hospital, and we will work more and more together also in the integration between hospital and area“The Reggiani director thanked Petrini for”the visit and the attention shown to our hospital and its professionals, which confirms our full will to contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals of the USL of Modena

The visit continued to Casa della Salute in Sassuolo, where District Director Federica Ronchetti explained how the future restructuring, thanks to Pnrr funds, will guarantee new clinics for the care of chronic patients in addition to the activation of Cot, the Operations Center. territorial. Ronchetti also illustrated the next structures planned to complete the territorial services: the community hospital (Osco), which will be built in the municipality of Maranello, but will serve the entire district and the hospice in Fiorano, which will be included in the palliative care network. The day ended with the participation of the new leadership of the District Committee with the area’s mayors.

At the Casa della Salute in Sassuolo, Mr Petrini thanked the health workers for the great work done, especially in the last two years of the pandemic, and emphasized that in this district “a highly integrated work arises in synergy between the hospital and the socio-health territorial network“And that this integration is the right way”to deal with future challenges with the new needs of the population that arose with Covid“.

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