Fourth dose of anti-covid vaccine, reservations for over 60s and subjects with high fragility aged 12 years and older

In order to receive the “second booster”, at least 4 months (120 days) must have passed from the administration

At least 4 months (120 days) must have passed since the third dose or the last infection after the third dose to receive the “second booster”. Reservations through Cup, Cupweb, Cuptel, electronic health records, ER-Health app, farmaCUP

Bologna – Emilia-Romagna ready to go the fourth dosetechnically named second booster dose or “other booster”: at the beginning since Wednesday, July 13th, reservation. Recipients are all citizens from 60 years – an audience of about 850 thousand people – f them with high fragilitymotivated by concomitant or pre-existing pathologies, from 12 years and up (therefore born from 2010 onwards). Of course, vaccinations for over the 80s remain active and have been open for several months.

After officially green light from The Ministry of Health, the Higher Health Council, the Italian Medicines Agency and the Higher Health Institutewho last night sent a joint note to the Regions, the Regional Health Service it was quickly organized to respond to the new organizational challenge.

“We are ready for this new step in the vaccination campaign, which is important to ensure the most vulnerable people, given the increased viral circulation and the resumption of the epidemic curve recorded in Emilia-Romagna as throughout the country – stresses the Health Policy Councilor , Raffaele Donini-. We therefore recommend vaccination for the benefit of the whole community. Once again, I thank the staff of our healthcare system, who are committed to ensuring that a very complex organizational machine works. “

As specified in the ministerial circular itself for the administration of the second booster dose a minimum interval of at least 120 days must have elapsed from the first booster dose or from the last post-booster infection (the date of the positive diagnostic test is valid), both in cases of over 60 and frail of 12 years and over, ie. fibrosis and other types of conditions whose full list is defined by the Ministry (v. attached). To 12-17 year olds the customer vaccine Comirnaty (BioNTech-Pfizer), for adults, both mRNA vaccines (Comirnaty by Pfizer-BNT and Spikevax by Moderna).

For reservation I am all the usual channels open: Cup, Cupweb, FarmaCUP, Cuptel, Electronic Health Journal, ER-Health app. Moreover, the local health authority in Romagna sends a text message to the public of people interested in this new vaccination phase, with an invitation to book.

That vaccinations they will be performed by GPs in their clinics or in places agreed with the local health authorities, and by business services in nearby places such as the Nursing Homes and vaccination centers that are still active. For citizens aged 60 or over who do not fall under the very fragile conditions identified by the Ministry, it will also be possible to carry out vaccinations at the affiliated pharmacies participating in the vaccination campaign.

The second booster dose – as specified in the circular – is recommended taking into account “both the current state of increased viral circulation with the resumption of epidemic curves, associated with the increase in bed occupancy in medical areas and to a lesser extent in intensive therapies and the available evidence on the effectiveness of the second booster dose in preventing severe forms of Covid 19, which are carried by the most circulating variants.

That the absolute priority of the vaccination campaignthat is, to provide maximum protection for all subjects who have not yet received either the primary protection cycle or the first booster dose.

Attached is the list of fragility conditions set out in the ministerial circular for the administration of the second booster dose to persons aged 12 years and over

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