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The government’s decision to open up the possibility of performing the second booster to over the 60s and the weak from the age of 12 has prompted the regional machines to restart. Among those who traveled today, those who open reservations tomorrow, and those who have not yet communicated it, the regions are organizing the new campaign, each in their own way.

12 JUL

Among those who want to reopen Hubs, those who want to open days and those who want to focus on pharmacies and family doctors. The regions are restarting the anti-Covid vaccine machine following the government’s decision to open up the possibility of taking the fourth dose to those over 60 and weak from 12 years of age.

In the absence of an unambiguous indication at the central level, the Regions are therefore making progress, and in some cases there are already those who traveled today, although many are giving the green light tomorrow.

IN Lombardy, which has already decided to reopen Hubs, was given an indication to continue from today 12 July 2022 with the administration of another booster dose to the following population targets: persons aged 60 and over and persons with highly motivated fragility from concurrent / pre-existing pathologies from 12 years and up.

Even the region Tuscany opens reservations for the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine from today at “We start with the current hubs, there is not enough demand to justify the opening of new hubs. We start in July, but I think the moment of greatest intensity will be towards September,” the president declared. Giani.

“Soon” on the websites of the two health authorities of Basilicata (Potenzas ASP and Materas ASM) “you will be able to find information on how to book and where you can be vaccinated” with the fourth dose of anti covid-19. Lucan Councilor for Health announced, Francesco Fanelli.

From tomorrow at 9 South Tyrol it will be possible to book the fourth dose of anti-Covid vaccine for anyone over 60. In addition, in addition to the vaccination campaign, the president of Bolzano province, Arno Kompatscher, has announced a “walking campaign” on the homes for the elderly.

There is no date yet Friuli Venezia Giulia where a meeting will be held this afternoon at the top of the region and the health authorities to “organize the distribution and administration of vaccines” said today the president of the region, Massimiliano Fedriga, who announced that the first indications will be given from tomorrow on . According to Fedriga, “what is difficult is to be able to predict the question: the risk is actually to have a limited answer to the question or, on the contrary, to have an excessive answer”.

As for the region Veneto has today, with an official circular, started the procedures for the delivery of the fourth dose (“second booster”) of the anti-Covid vaccine to all people aged 60 and over. Delivery and reservations will be open from the day following the publication of the Aifa resolution in the Official Gazette. Ulss was advised to take steps and strengthen the measures already implemented during the ongoing vaccination campaign.

In it Lazio from Wednesday 13 July at At 24:00, it will be possible to book for the fourth dose (second booster dose) of the anti covid19 vaccine for over 60 and weak people, starting from 12 years, included in the Ministry of Health’s circular. Lazio are already reopening some Hubs.

Active call of vulnerable and vulnerable topics, Open day and involvement of pharmacies and family doctors, so instead of the Region Puglia organized the new plan for the administration of the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine to persons over 60 and weak patients aged 12 years and over. There are 63 vaccination centers open in Puglia and no other openings are currently planned.

They’re leaving tomorrow instead Emilia Romagna, subject to the fourth dose of the anti-covid vaccine. All the usual channels are open for reservations: Cup, Cupweb, FarmaCUP, Cuptel, Electronic journals, ER-Health app. In addition, the health authorities will send an SMS to the public of people affected by this new vaccination phase. Vaccinations will be performed by GPs at their clinics or at the points agreed with the local reference health authorities and by business services in nearby locations, such as the Nursing Homes and Vaccination Centers, which are still active. For citizens aged 60 or over who do not fall under the very fragile conditions identified by the Ministry, it will also be possible to carry out vaccinations at the affiliated pharmacies participating in the vaccination campaign.

“We are ready for this new step in the vaccination campaign – said the health councilor Raffaele Donini – important to secure the most vulnerable people given the increase in viral circulation and the resumption of the epidemic curve recorded in Emilia-Romagna as throughout the country. We therefore recommend vaccination for the benefit of society as a whole ”.

In it March the booking of the fourth dose of anti-covid vaccine for over 60s on the Poste Italiane platform starts tomorrow, but according to the president of the region Francesco Acquaroliguest today on Timeline on Sky, “the real problem” with the new health emergency is “the lack of medical staff we need to fight the pandemic. It is important that the government expands Usca, the teams that help the sick at home, which is essential to avoid hospitalizations.


July 12, 2022
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