Fabio Miretti ‘mature’: his diploma arrives at school, now he is waiting for Allegri’s ‘exam’

Football and school. Football school and the school of life. In the home Juventus nothing is left to the ‘coincidences’ of planning, organizing, foresight and huge investments reserved for the development of society at all levels. Especially in the youth sector, where the Juventus club has excelled for years and where it has become a true ‘model’ in style Ajax, Barcelona and the best known ‘academies’ for football and beyond.

Plays in the youth academy Juventus today it means, as we until some time ago ‘admired’ the mentioned experiences and also foreign ones, to make a career, and not just football, at the highest level. And the milestone reached testifies to that, and rightly so also announced in the news on the official website of Juventusof their own boys and girls who, in addition to serving in Juventus’ youth categories, under the careful management of the company, complete, have completed and achieved maturity in a course of study and training that goes and will go a long way. in addition to the “technical” baggage that these boys and girls acquire in the field.

Combining football and studies at the highest level is not an insignificant factor, and above all it testifies to what the organizational and structural goals achieved by Juventus say, which today own two enviable ‘houses’ such as Vinovo Center and Continassa , as it has combined structure of J Medical and services like J Hotel. All to offer its members, of all ages and categories, the best to become players, men and women even off the field. Thus, for years, all young people in the youth sector have been followed in avant-garde study paths and at the highest quality level in terms of educational proposals.

To give ‘thinking players’ on the stage of professional football and the first team, and offer young people an opportunity that will last a lifetime, even and above all in the event that not everyone becomes professional and has to relate to everyday life and working life. But to find oneself ready and ready. Just as they are and will be right from the start for great and fascinating football adventures.

Starts with Fabio Miretti, went from the excitement of Serie A and the first team, to the exam behind the school desks. With him Gabriele Mulazzia crystalline talent of Primavera, a true Turin born and a son of art, with his father Alberto, born in 1974, ex bianconero, where he worked all the way on the youth teams in the role that would today be defined as ‘high edge’. And with those boys and girls who deserve everyone’s applause because it’s not for everyone to be able to reconcile high – level commitments with the same high level of commitment behind the school desks.

Thus the official note from the Juventus club to celebrate their boys and girls who have excellently achieved ‘maturity’:

From the field … to the school desks, always with the same dedication and above all with the same determination as always

Tuesday the 12th of July at World International School (WINS) was a special day for many young people and many young Bianconeri in our youth sector because they have reached an important milestone in their school training. From today they are actually MATURE!

And as I said, many smile at having obtained the diploma:

Nicole ArchangelsAlexander CitiFederica D’AuriaAlice GiaiShara CricketThomas MaressaFabio MirettiGabriel MulazziJenny RequireAsia SargentiNicolò SavonaRiccardo Turkey

Special mention for Asia Sargenti who graduated with a score of 100/100.

And of course a big round of applause to all our guys for this great result.

Combining top-level sports and studies is not easy, but for Juventus it is a priority. The club is dedicated to training women and men before big players and players, and today is a happy day for everyone.

Congratulations girls and boys!

Emotions for the ‘diploma between the desks’ that came after the ‘graduation’ on the field won some time ago. From Serie A. His debut actually, at home, among his fans, in the heart of midfield with Bonucci that calms you and Merry ready to trust you and guide you off the bench. A daydream for those who chew football, but above all Juventus from before going to school. One of Fabio Miretti is the story that we hope to read to many young people, but which we are now happy to tell “Little prince” quite. Yes, because the comparison with Claudio Marchisio the origin, the role and the dreams to be realized are almost self-evident.

To think it all started thanks to a shuttle, which later became the main means of transportation for Fabio’s dream trip. In fact, when Father Livio and his family had to choose his girlfriend, that was it in the middle of two fires: that grenade of Turin and the black and white Juventus. What made the difference was the convenience that Juventus offered in terms of means of transport to accompany little Fabio to and from home, at the time living in Saluzzo, about fifty kilometers from Turin.. Since then, over 10 years ago, Fabio Miretti has always and only worn the Juventus youth jersey, for which he was also captain for several years. From the first ‘national’ championships with U-15 to rise to the highest levels of category and quality.

The satisfaction arrived in the black and white jersey is already many: thedebut with Professionals con itUnder 23the first official goals of his career, the first time in the Champions League towards Malmö and in A leagueboth as a replacement and as starting as a successful mod Venice. Not to forget the wonderful experience in Youth League with Andrea Bonatti, who has always been able to count on his arrival semifinalsescaped with difficulty and hardly from penalties, but also achieved thanks to games and to Fabio’s goal, as it was against Liverpool in Vinovo on the occasion of quarterfinals who until then seemed bewitched.

Now fans of the witch Juventus in front of their little gem. “Owner immediately”, “Now do not take it off the field”, “Loans, trusts and ownership prohibited” one reads on social media Miretti-mani to Merry he wanted to appease without compromising the performance of a promising young player, but with many appearances for Juventus. We refer, of course, to the youth teams, more specifically fromUnder 15, with in total 131 appearances in the league between U15, U16, U17 (best season for goals, 15 in 17 games), Primavera, Serie C and Serie A. Often as captain, very often crucial, in short, a young man with very clear meaning of wearing the shirt from Juventus.

Yes Merry did not think twice and in the away game Genoa gave the second presence to Mirettiwho is already announcing his confirmation at the press conference and therefore also ownership against Griffin in the struggle of A league. Another good performance that results in more cheers for another 74 minutes of Serie A for the former Cuneo who left his teammates 1-0 before the Rossoblu comeback. This time Miretti played like a mezzala, and took advantage of the presence of Arthur in instructing and playing with Zakaria to the side of the Brazilian. To give one of the very few smiles to the Juventus people on an evening that is truly forgotten Juventus.

From the statistics and appearances from the SprinteSport database in the official championship races

But behind the boyish face and that hair, he grew as a child in honor of his idol Pavel Downstairs, which is a world that includes the passion for basketball. His idol is James Harden, ‘The beard’, another athlete with high technical and mental qualities on the field that makes him one of the strongest ever, able to organize action and shooting with an innate ease. However, the basketball player from Los Angeles has not yet achieved his dream, the one for the NBA title that can be compared to the Champions League for football. And if the almost 34 years for Harden can start to become a problem from a temporal point of view, Fabio with his 18 constantly on his side to fulfill his wish that far Livio and many other Juventus fans, namely the Coppa with big ears, who have been missing in Turin since 1996. Better yet, get down to earth again, as it always has. Miretti However, a very humble boy who at Juventus Christmas parties never asked for autographs or pictures from the First Team players because he was Fabio: “In a few years I will also get there with the adults”. Prophetic words from a boy who with a lot of self-esteem, ambition and energy makes his dreams come true as a child. And who is now facing, after ‘high school’ also graduation on Mr Allegri’s order.

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