Covid is common among children, the pediatrician: “Many cases”. Infections grow, pharmacists: ” No one expected this situation ”, the fourth dose starts in Trentino

TRENTO. “There are many cases, half of the vaccinations I did in one day were positive. We also need more responsibility from the parents.” There is a boom in infections among childrenthe confirmation comes from the pediatrician with reference to the Order of Physicians, Lorena Filippi, which has been following the situation in recent weeks. “Compared to weeks ago – explains a The Dolomites – when we no longer found infections now they have started again and there are many. High fever, sore throat, cough And cold they spread among the little ones, and when we make the tampons, they are positive ”.

ONE increase in infections that are also recorded in the adult population with a worsening of the situation, which has also been hospitalization in the last few hours in the intensive care unit of a 70-year-old person (HERE THE ARTICLE). Fortunately, there are no orphanages to date, but the attention remains very high.

“One thing I want to say – Filippi continues – and that’s it sense of responsibility that there should be among adults. Who knows how many people make the stick at home with the do-it-yourself tests and are positive, but maybe they do not formalize it or they do not say it for various reasons, including that they have booked their holiday shortly. There can be no behavior of this kind. We can not allow this virus to spread that much in July. If you are ill, consult your doctor, make an official cotton swab and respect the quarantine“.

The invitation is also not to rely on do-it-yourself tests. “No, zero – explains Dr. Filippi – because in the end many are tempted not to make it official. We must also consider the way in which these tests are performed so that they are accurate.”

The pharmacies

Therefore, if on the one hand there is an increase in infections among the little ones, there is of course no shortage of infections among adults. An indicator of what is happening comes from Trentino pharmacies that for a few weeks now seem to have gone months back with queues of people waiting for tampons.

No one expected – explains Tiziana Dal Lago, President of Pharmacies an explosion of infections like the one we see. Honestly, it surprised everyone. We are seeing a boom in sales of do-it-yourself tampons, but also an increase in those made in pharmacies, and a remarkable growth in positives. “

Many pharmacies that in recent months had reduced the hours reserved for the covid test are now back to doing so at full speed and the availability that Trentino pharmacies have already given the health authority to be able to vaccinate. “Accessibility has continued, even though the health authority’s decision so far has been different. There have been several inquiries from those who, for reasons of proximity, preferred to come to the pharmacy to be vaccinated. It all depends on the health strategy you want to follow“.


“We are ready”, uses these words from Dr. Maria Grazia Zuccali, Head of Apss Prevention and Hygiene Department regarding the start-up of the administration of it fourth dose in over 60s.

In the last few hours circular from the Ministry of Health “Taking into account both the current state of increased viral circulation with the resumption of the epidemic curve, associated with an increase in bed occupancy in medical areas and to a lesser extent in intensive care, and the available evidence for the effectiveness of the second dose reminder of to prevent serious forms of Covid carried by the most circulating varieties, in accordance with the principle of maximum caution, Another booster dose is recommended“.

The opening concerns the administration of fourth dose vaccine against Covid for over 60 and for the weak over 12 at least 120 days after the third dose or the last post-booster infection. Also for the fourth dose, Pfizer and Moderna mRna vaccines will be used in the doses approved for the booster dose.

In the case of Trentino, the health authorities ensure that, among other things vaccination centers are ready to administer. Unlike other Italian regions, most of the additional vaccination services have been maintained in our province. “I am thinking of the Rovereto at Manufacture, or of Arco, Trento or Villa Rosa di Pergine – explains Dr. Maria Grazia Zuccali – while in areas where hubs are no longer available, we have in any case kept the agendas open. at least once a week with administrations in the rooms reserved for adult vaccinations “.

Initially, the fourth dose was recommended for the elderly over 80 and fragile, but the adhesion was not high. Now the choice to open this option to those over 60s could lead to a greater influx. “It does not worry us – explains the head of the prevention department – because there are places. As for the staff at the vaccination points, in the event that the service forces are not able to meet the needs, we must think of something ”.


Starting from Today, individuals born between 1941 and 1962 will be able to perform the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccination (HERE ARTICLE). From Wednesday the 13th, therefore, there will be free admission to some of the APSS vaccination centers, and by Friday the 15th, it will be possible to book the fourth dose through Cup-online or freely access one of the vaccination centers in the province.

The vaccination centers operating with free admission until Friday 15 July are: Arco, Borgo Valsugana, Cles, Trento. From 15 July, it will also be possible to book the fourth dose at Cup-online (Link here); the dates available in the different vaccination centers may vary depending on the gradual implementation of the agendas.

Even those who have received Covid after at least 4 months of positivity can book the 4th dose. Booster dosing can be performed at any vaccination center in the area and not necessarily where the first two were taken.

Remember to bring the health card, the consent form and the already completed anamnesis form. All forms of the Covid-19 vaccine (including all updated vaccine information sheets) can be downloaded from the Healthcare Company website.

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