Back to school: just over a month after returning home, still no plan. Ventilation guidelines coming soon

Back to school: While the infections are skyrocketing, there is still no news on how to return to school next September. Security protocol not received and no indication of Covid seats and staff. Shortly said, the entire repayment schedule would still be missing. And while there is discussion about whether to wear masks in class in September, the first indiscretions regarding guidelines guidelines for the purchase of disinfection, disinfection and air purifiers in schools.

The ventilation guidelines arrived late. Sasso (Lega): “Scaricabarile on school leaders”

We had to wait almost four months for the Ministry of Health to provide the guidelines for the procurement of sanitation, sanitation and air purification equipment in schools. Minister Speranza spent all this time producing a document that was characterized by several critical issues and a significant desire to delegate to other tasks and responsibilities. In fact, the weight of the whole operation is once again being relieved on school leaders, already weakened by an extraordinary amount of work due to the pandemic, also in terms of purely health aspects. An unacceptable thing“, The Secretary of Education stated, Rossano Sasso.

But what do these guidelines say? According to the rumors we have gathered online, it would be one document that would lack real operational indications for DS and in which the experts would write that the election “whether the possibility of using “the technical solution must be carried out by qualified personnel taking into account the risk assessment and must also take into account the objectives to be achieved (eg air exchange, reduction of airborne pathogens and / or particulate matter), in the case of the use of mobile devices, if the use is continuous or as required “.

In principle, the devices / devices according to these guidelines, if they are intended for school environments, they must be clearly identifiable, safe, effective, usable in the presence of spectators, if specified by the manufacturer and only in safe conditions;equipped, where necessary, with devices / sensors in (by-products) and, as well as with the most important microclimatic parameters. Multifunction devices can also be used also combined with products / systems for surface remediation.

“The document states that – Sasso emphasizes – even if a school was equipped with these devices, all students, teachers and workers they would not be exempted from complying with security protocols which, for example, involves wearing masks if you are unable to keep physical distance. In practice, the Ministry of Education and the local authorities had to cover an expenditure of around two billion euros and then find themselves in the first place. After almost four months it was reasonable to expect a document of much greater depth. That said, the focus on aeration and ventilation in schools must be a priority for the entire government, which must push for the adaptation of buildings by agreement with the municipalities in the shortest possible time. The start of the new school year is just around the corner ”.

Waiting for the security protocol …

It is true that the Technical-Scientific Committee, whose decisions have followed us in the last two years of the pandemic, no longer exists, but we still need to receive precise indications from the health authorities based on the current epidemiological framework. anyway about a month and a half after returning to school, There is still no news about the safety protocol, the tool that tells school leaders what guidelines to follow to resume activity. At the end of the state of emergency, on 31 March last year, a draft protocol was circulating, which the unions had disputed because it left excessive discretion to the leaders. No more has been heard of that text. In 2020, the protocol was signed August 6, the year after August 14. Shall we just wait?

Goodbye Covid staff?

We have no news, but we had already been told that with the end of the state of emergency there would be no more no chance to have these teachers and these school partners“This is confirmed by CISL Scuola’s Secretary, Ivana Barbacci, in Il Fatto Quotidiano. The Covid contingent will therefore disappear, between 20,000 or 30,000. partners And secretarial staff they will lose their jobs. When do school leaders know how many employees they can count on in September?

Unknown masks

Then the yellow of the obligation to masks remains. Commitment, which we remember, no longer exists almost everywhere, and which we therefore discuss whether we should keep in school. “Taking them to school when no one is wearing them outside the classroom does not make sense, it seems like a punishment. But we will have to deal with this new variant, which has raised the number of victims again“Explains the immunologist Antonella Viola. You may not agree with the decision to maintain the obligation to wear safety devices in the classroom, but there is no doubt about one thing: schools will need to know in time in order to equip themselves with supplies of masks to be given to students and school staff.


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