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The ARCA Centro Mantovano di Solidarity, based in the Ospitaletto di Marcaria, partner in the “Educating Educating” project, has recently completed one of the actions included in the “Educating Educating” project, which aims to enable specific and advanced interventions, intended for families with low and medium criticality to prevent more serious conditions and funded thanks to the Fondazione Comunità Mantovana Onlus Poverty Fund.

More specifically, the action was taken by the psychotherapist, the professional educator and the psychologist from SMI (Integrated Multidisciplinary Service) with two third graders from the Comprehensive Institute of Marcaria-Sabbioneta, where the teachers had recognized the need to intervene with competent people to support some young people, there had begun to show attitudes of apathy and withdrawn, which created disorientation in the class.

This experimentation has made it possible to organize pedagogical workshops that have yielded very favorable results, thanks to the dialogue and comparison with their own and with the professionals in Arca. The main theme was the consolidation of the so-called life skills, an increasingly central focus also in European legislation and to be integrated into the curricula of each school and educational institution. In particular, dealing with one’s emotions, critical and divergent thinking, the ability to make effective decisions, based on an empathic attitude, were encouraged.

All this happened thanks to the approval and cooperation of the parents, to whom the referring teachers illustrated the micro-project and the resulting work. Emotions, conscience, conflicts, fears, desires, dreams and risks are the topics discussed at the various meetings, which have given these very young people the opportunity to think about their feelings and in a collaborative way to study which tools they need to face the difficulties. they have encountered or that they will be able to meet within the school, family or community context.

The last meeting dedicated to music therapy using the Gordon method of enriching children’s communicative potential by offering them in an expressive channel different from the verbal and non-verbal is particularly interesting.

Extremely pleased with the results achieved, both the teachers directly involved and the Rector of IC Marcaria-Sabbioneta Prof. Francesco Battini, who in a recent letter of thanks pointed out that “the experience gained enabled us to verify the real positive impact of these interventions on the boys, both for the enthusiasm and participation shown in the class in the presence of psychologists, and for the clear improvement of the students themselves, who appeared more calm and cooperative, and the atmosphere in the classroom gradually became more relaxed ”.

The leader’s hope is to resume these workshops also for the school year 2022-2023 and extend them to all the complexes (Campitello, Sabbioneta and Gazzuolo) from the second grade onwards.

Like all the initiatives envisaged by the Educare Educarsi project, these training workshops were also organized thanks to a collaborative and multi-professional work, involving not only the professionals in Arca but also by social workers in the area, by the Piano Office, for the then coordinator for the area of ​​minors and families and for the coordinator for the field of education.

At the same time, the fundraising campaign continues to support the entire “Educare Educarsi” project. It is possible to make a donation by bank transfer to the bank account in the name “Fondazione Comunità Mantovana onlus” at: Banca Intesa San Paolo: IBAN IT 46Y0306909606100000017731, or by check to be delivered to the Mantovana Community Onlusovana Community Foundation headquarters, stating the reason to “offer liberally in favor of the Educare Educiando project”. The fund will provide donors with the certification to benefit from the tax benefits provided by applicable law.

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