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For many the end of a dream, for many – Simply – the end of a marriage. The announced separation between Totti and Ilary Blasi thus shook the gossip headlines when, in a brief statement to the press, she was the first to speak: “After twenty years together and three wonderful children, my marriage to Francesco has ended“. The love between the two is therefore officially gone, to remain the story of a popular myth that in the 17 years of marriage has been able to overcome the stereotypical football player letter in privacy and the normality of ordinary family matters. But not just to witness one life togetheralso real estate empire, built brick by brick away from his stadium, away from her TV. The basis for Vetulonia real estate company – the name of the heart that refers to the street in Porta Metronia, where the bomber was born, raised and started playing football – is in fact only a small part of what has been renamed ‘Totti and Blasi spa ‘. According to rumors, the different houses will be divided, which puts the three children Chanel, Christian and Isabel in first place. We rewind the tape and continue in sequence.

Eurosky Tower, the residential skyscraper inaugurated in 2013 and built on a project by architect Franco Purini

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Rediscovering the love story between the two inevitably leads to stumbling over their heartbeats. At the time of Totti, before Ilary Blasi, the Roman master lived in villa in Casal Palocco, the 34th area of ​​Rome in Agro Romano, where he lived with his family until 2002. That same year, during the derby with Lazio on March 10, the Capitoline striker scores a goal, runs under the Montemario curve and stands up officially. shirt to show the hidden one below, on which one can read the central writing: “6 UNICA”. The wedding in 2005 follows the coexistence of large villa at Torrino which will put, until the breakup, marital life Totti – Blasi to district of Eur. In fact, even when they move, the two remain in the area, in one of the lavish ceilings in Eurosky Tower, the residential skyscraper that was inaugurated in 2013 and built on a project by architect Franco Purini. Together with their three children, husband and wife share 36 rooms, live in an avant-garde property – now for rent – where home automation and eco-compatibility are at home. Inspired by the medieval towers of Rome’s historic center, the structure offers its tenants a wellness area, a panoramic gym, a small private cinema and a roof garden.

villa volpi i sabaudia

Villa Volpi was opened in 1952 and is located in Circeo National Park

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Loving the capital love story between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi it gets lost, finds itself and then falls back on the bank of Sabaudia. Purposefully made to look like a Greek temple by the architect Tommaso Buzzi, there Totti’s beach house it is a property with a pharaonic charm. The building, which was commissioned in 1952, is located in Circeo National Park, citing neoclassical and palladial proportions. “They live Sabaudia as an extraordinary reality, as if it were their first home. Francesco does it with his privacy. He is not used to the streets in the center. Blasi, on the other hand, has always been available to attend important events without ask for something in return, “he said The Republic the former mayor citizen Maurizio Lucci, to emphasize the couple’s knowledge of the territory. Now that their love has come to an end, with divorce Totti and Blasi getting closer, the ritual of kisses and paparazzi that fans and fans were used to will never be the same again. And without pictures of the two stranded in Sabaudia, the summer begins a whole new chapter.

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