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I want a wooden house“.
This is the compelling request that Land Inspector Marco Baronchelli heard from customers a few years ago. A clear desire, motivated by the desire to inhabit one comfortable and sustainable home.
We are in a town Brianza, in a residential area where Marlegno has recently completed a single-family housing unit, made of prefabricated wood.

I followed the customer journey right from the start; we chose the party together and searched for a long time to find the right company that could meet our needs. The only thing that really stood out from the beginning was the desire to build a wooden house: at the first meetings, the customers gave me a book on this subject.“Tells the surveyor. Baronchelli.”After many visits and inspections, we decided to trust the Marlegno company for its obvious competence and reliability“.

The project

The home is one single-family house which has a main volume consisting of a more rigid ground floor and a projecting volume on the 1st floor. Inside the room is bright, surprising, double height.

On the ground floor there is a large living room and the master bedroom, while on the upper floor two rooms – connected by a walkway – house the sleeping area with the children and guest rooms. The walkway was created to maintain the double height of the dining area: an airy space that makes it spontaneous to look upwards, to the ceiling beams and to the sky that enters the house thanks to the skylights“Emphasizes the architect Patrizia Ghittoni, designer who supervised the design of the volumes and the interior.

The house is on all four sides surrounded by the garden; the living area – thanks to a large window – creates a visual continuum between inside and out, and visually welcomes the outdoor swimming pool, which can also be enjoyed thanks to the covered space created by the eaves on the first floor.

Marlegno – continues the surveyor. Baronchelli – he gave us all the information for the structural design. We have made a simple boder on which the house was placed, made into prefabricated wood, with frame structure. The interior walls are made of plasterboard to let the systems pass inside, of which the main systems are: the heat pump, the solar cell system, the underfloor heating and the mechanical ventilation system. The house is in class A4“.

A house that reflects those who live there

The owners of this house are ideal customers: they trust and trust us designers, they have taste and are people who want to experiment“Tells us the bow. Ghittoni.

The importance of the customer for the success of a good project is a very old theme. In this case, the building was also built thanks to a great synergy that has arisen between surveyor, architect, owners and the Marlegno firm.

Not only have customers’ needs turned into reality, but much space has also been given to their passions and desires. An inscription stands out in the living area “life is a beautiful trip“: The owners’ passion for two wheels is such that they have created a window that opens onto the garage area, where two Harley-Davidsons find shelter, which thanks to this opening is part of the house.

The materials also follow the customers’ wishes: all finishes were actually made with natural materials: wood, stone, iron.

Good. Ghittoni concludes “It was the first time I took care of a private residence made of wood; it was without a doubt a formative, beautiful and engaging experience, above all because Marlegno was able to transform my design, my ideas and the design form into reality, to turn the idea into an object; an object of surprising living comfort“.

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