A trip to the new places in Lake Como for a summer weekend

The hull of the boat rising while the wind in your hair ruffles and distracts from the row of villas overlooking the green and blue water. Cernobbio, Bellagio, Villa d’Este. This is what Lake Como is in our imagination. And all this is still there. But that’s not all: Along with the usual agreements and famous places, something new was born, also the result of the research work of visionary entrepreneurs who have traveled the world and imported their experiences, their origins here.

Starting from the table, leaving, and in some cases revisiting, the great classics of the Lombard tradition. Like at the MOR beach club. Just inaugurated in early June 2022, pointing the flag very far, between exotic and Middle Eastern dishes, and proposing recipes from other latitudes thanks to Israeli chef Sharon Cohen’s imaginative cuisine.

Tzatziki, paprika bread, sautéed vegetables with spices, colorful salads. Despite the panoramic view of Bellagio, one feels momentarily transported to Tel Aviv, or perhaps to a restaurant by the sea in Greece, given the sound of the water breaking between the fjords just below the terrace overlooking the lake.

The exotic dishes from MOR Beach Club. Courtesy of Gaia Menchicchi
MOTHER beach club with permission from Gaia Menchicchi

Located in Cadenabbia, a few steps from Tremezzo, the MOR beach club also offers an authentic private beach, a very rare thing on the Como coast, equipped with cabins for those who regret the feeling of thin sand underfoot.

After a swim in the pool, both in the morning and at sunset, you can taste Emanuele Broccatelli’s drinks. He is passionate about mixology and visits classic cocktails again thanks to unique recipes: To spray, he adds bergamot, Franciacorta, elderflower and lemon to moscow mule notes of various bitters mixed together.

MOTHER beach club with permission from Silvia Rivoltella

So, if you get back on the boat, you can stop in the many medieval villages that lie along the basin. A stop is mandatory in Laglio. Not only for the poetic atmosphere that prevails among the houses and the stone alleys, but also and above all for an aperitif by Luciano.

A former family-run butcher shop added outdoor tables six years ago, renovated the place with inspiration from the old shops from the 1950s and put its products up for sale. Or better yet: you can do your shopping in the shop after tasting the mix of cutting boards that Luciano and Marilena offer with their delicious spritz, on the veranda or directly on the boat – yes, there is also the service delivery.

And then a stop known above all by the locals, certainly outside the tourist routes, is Lo Scalo a Cremia, a cocktail bar that can be accessed directly from the small pier that takes you back to the relaxed atmosphere of a time that seems far from chaos in the city.

Lent by Lo Scalo

This year you can enjoy the scent of Ancestrale, their latest Signature in terms of cocktails: Ethiopian pepper also called passion fruit, wild carrot and cachaça, fruity but not sweet. It is called “ancestors” in honor of a family from Trento that produces apples that the owners use to import cider. Their process is biological, old, slow. Ancestors, in fact. Or Anita, a tribute to Garibaldi’s wife: Campari and orange juice, fresh raspberry vinegar and fermented plums, very red therefore, just like Garibaldi’s jackets.

Lent by Lo Scalo

You literally have to move to the other side of the plain to land in Torno, in Il Sereno, which at a distance has the effect of a moored ship, due to its position on the water, the windows that all look out to the lake, and the colors warm in the wood and in contrast to the facade windows.

Hotel Il Sereno, courtesy of Il Sereno.

Among the news of the season is the Penthouse Suite designed by Patricia Urquiola. Everything – from the chairs, to the armchairs, to the sofas, to the rugs – has been carefully selected by the designer to give the room a 1950s touch. The fabrics are inspired by the Como scarves and theirs palette reminiscent of the landscape reflected on the large sliding glass doors. Everything you rest your eyes on is affordable, and that makes it a different living experience for both design enthusiasts and beginners – the furniture was designed by architects of caliber Gio Ponti, Vico Magistretti, Franco Albini, Charlotte Perirand and Carlo Scarpa.

Penthausen and Il Sereno. Lent by Il Sereno.
The acre of the suite at the Il Sereno Hotel. Lent by Il Sereno

Il Sereno was originally born in Saint Barts, and in fact the influence of the Caribbean island can be found everywhere, from the suspended swimming pool, surrounded by a handful of watercolor beds, to chef Raffaele Lenzi’s suggestions, concentrated on tubers, vegetables and roots, from drinks with floral and botanical compositions for treatments based on Como vegetable oil in the outdoor SPA, located inside the typical rocks of the area.

Il Sereno’s private swimming pool with small dock. Lent by Il Sereno

But in June, another very special hotel opened: Musa, the five-star boutique hotel in Sala Comacina.

The pier at Musa Hotel. Lent by Omnigraf Italia

“Musa stands out from the canonical imperial hotels because it is a small reality. It only has twelve rooms, ”explains chef red CEO Matteo Corridori. All twelve rooms are dedicated to twelve women who have written history: Rita Levi Montalcini, Serena Williams, Coco Chanel, Queen Elizabeth.

One of Musa’s 12 chambers. Lent by Omnigraf Italia

Equipped with a private dock, it attempts to modernize and rejuvenate the Como experience through a staff under 35, minimal with furniture and a smart, simple Mediterranean cuisine.

Little secret in advance: their Foie gras it is revisited in one hundred percent Italian key, with Parmigiano Reggiano, basil and raspberries.

Only 12 rooms for the new Musa hotel. Lent by Omnigraf Italia

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