100 for maturity, the initiative with Skolens Teknik is very successful among students, teachers and proud parents

Also this year she is back, now in her eleventh edition, 100 at expirationinitiative from Skoleteknikken aimed at increasing expertise. The project 100 at expiration addresses all the fifth-year students from Italian colleges who report one score of 100/100 at the state exam 2022, with or without praise.

The initiative is proving enormous success, which turns out to be very welcome: Our editorial staff has received – and continues to receive – hundreds of messages and requests for participation from readers from all over Italy, since the first results were disseminated. Senders often compliment us for thinking of a way to do it reward merit and highlight expertise.

At the moment I am recent graduates included in our list of centisti is two hundred: this is a number destined to grow until the end of the initiative set for July 20th.

What’s behind each 100 at expiration

Our project was also this year, received with great enthusiasm from a diverse audience. In some cases, they are student even want to show their result. The project can be a way for new graduates to celebrate, in a period where, according to a recent study from Skuola.net, after-school parties are in short supply. It shows the study only 4 out of 10 graduates are sure to leave for the classic high school graduation trip. The reason? For 8%, increasing infection indicated not planning anything, 37% were affected by economic reasons, while 34% did not want to organize anything. Also only 45% of the students interviewed organized official parties to celebrate the coveted milestone.

Other times they are parents to write to us, proud of their children’s success and eager to see their image and their name on our bulletin board among the many 2022 centrists, surprising or not. Strong is also participation of teachers who are happy to have followed their students on the path to the highest grade at the maturity they somehow desire reward profits.

However, the intention is divided: such an initiative makes it possible to celebrate a small great success that has been achieved, perhaps with the difficulties of the case, after countless victims.

There are many life stories that come out of the messages we receive and read carefully every day. “Those who reach the editorial office – he comments Alessandro Giuliani, Director of School technology – these are stories of fatigue and endurance, of boys and girls who, in their educational path, have been hit by the pandemic and DaD, but who have ultimately reached the maximum goal: stories of sisters who have managed it together; or children who have won praise for a battle for the environment; passes with brilliance also the return to almost ‘classic’ maturity, with thaw written testsalbeit the other, prepared by the Internal Commission: after passing a decidedly demanding exam in which girls and boys tested themselves, with a not indifferent emotional strain, represents an important positive sign. And we who deal with training believe that it is right to send this message of positivity and growth in relation to our young people. In addition to the Invalsi tests, which for over ten years have recorded an overall decline in our students’ performance – Giuliani concludes – there are also these realities, and it is good to make them known to the general public.

What does the initiative consist of 100 at expiration

The children, but also their teachers or family members, they can send their own picture to the editorial staff, which comes right into photo gallery of centister of School technologyon the portal www.tecnicadellascuola.it and on all social profiles. The gallery will be updated periodically until the end of the initiative, set for the next July 20th.

What pedagogical reasons?

For years, the Italian school has worked, and also successfully, to find new and increasingly effective strategies spaciousness for the most fragile students. A pedagogical-didactic attention that makes the Italian school a model in and outside Europe. But today, the concept of inclusion is broader in schools. The point at which School technology has chosen to pay attention, it is precisely this: inclusion it means not only attention to fragility, but also adequate improvement of expertise.

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