Working with safety and comfort is also a matter of tires

SEREGNO (MB) – The correct functionality of a sprayer goes through many factors. These are special vehicles, with a much higher center of gravity than other agricultural equipment, but which, in addition to working in the field, have to drive on the road with a very high load. Often the operators working on these machines cross narrow rows of vines, orchards, olive groves, fields with crops at different heights, located on very different soils, with different slopes. Think of an apple orchard in the mountains, where the operator, in addition to working in narrow areas, has to face rises, descents, fluctuations due to the transported liquid, hops, slippery ground, dry ground.

Here it is then that driving safety in these environments becomes a variable that affects the overall performance of the vehicle. The latter depends on many factors, but also on the choice of the right tire made, depending on the type of work, the period and the equipment of the machine. Thanks to the experience in the field and the constant dialogue with its users, BKT offers both a number of suggestions for the comfort of the operator driving the sprayers, as well as a selection of tires to suit the type of performance required and the environment. of work.

Proper tire pressure setting is important to minimize discomfort while driving. In the case of crops that require row crop tires, BKT’s first advice is to use VF tires, or Very High Flexion. These actually have a load capacity of more than 40% at the same pressure as the same standard size. This allows the sprayer to have sufficient load capacity, minimizing vibration during transport. It will then be important to set the pump pressure based on the total weight that the tires must carry.

The jumping effect is the jump that occurs above all in the phases of road transport. First of all, it must be said that this phenomenon is rare in row tires due to their sidewall, which, being not very high, rarely determines the bouncing effect, typical of standard tires. However, if it does occur, it is important to perform careful analysis to identify the origin of this effect, which may be different.

First of all, it can be triggered when the critical frequency of the tire due to speed collides with the frequency of the vehicle on which it is mounted. To analyze it requires the intervention of a technician equipped with instruments capable of reading harmonics caused by the bending of the sidewall of the tires. The latest generation of tractors exceeding 30 km / h have adopted shock absorbers on the front axle that are able to absorb the critical frequencies of the tires and thus eliminate bouncing.

At low speeds, this jump can also be created by an imperfect placement of the tires on the rim, or by small orthogonal imperfections in one or two elements that make up the wheel. When the two imperfections, though minimal, are added together, they generate a more important one that can give rise to jumping. The resolution of this phenomenon is achieved with a matching of tires and rims to compensate for the two imperfections. For this it is necessary to contact an expert technician who can eliminate the disturbance even with the help of a manual intervention.

The sizes and types of tires mounted on the sprayers are different, depending on the width and height that the vehicle must take into account in order to intervene in the different types of crops. In the case of spray treatments along narrow rows, it is generally necessary to have tires of sufficient width. If spraying and hatching are carried out in long open fields – such as in maize crops, given that the distance between the rows is 75 cm, it is necessary to install tires whose width does not damage them. Other times, however, the most important parameter is the ability not to compact the ground, where it is therefore recommended to use larger tires that allow a good load capacity and reduced pump pressure.

The range of BKT tires for injectors is wide and very efficient. In addition to the benefits of driver comfort, these products ensure high performance in terms of vehicle stability, reduced soil compaction and traction, resulting in savings in time, fuel and money.

The spearhead of the BKT housing is AGRIMAX SPARGO, a row crop line equipped with VF technology that allows more load at the same pressure or less pressure at the same load. Available in seven sizes, it is a versatile product, perfect both in the field and on the road thanks to a larger number of crampons that improve consistent driving.

AGRIMAX RT 955 is the radial cover for row crops par excellence, available in 23 different sizes, ideal for use on row crops and for spraying. Excellent load, traction and self-cleaning properties.

Similar features also for the AGRIMAX RT 945 model, available in eight different sizes and equipped with a narrow tread to protect crops. Its self-cleaning properties also make it ideal for road travel.

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