the drought crisis will be even more urgent


It comes over the next few days and will increase the heat grip, with peaks of up to 37 degrees: fear of the lake, agriculture and people’s health.

Once the weather forecast pages were opened in the hope of always finding the sun icon, today – rightly so – the same symbol scares and hopefully in the rain. In vain hope for the provinces of Varese, Como, Lecco and the lower canton of Ticino, which next week will face an increasingly harsh heat.

An anticyclone arriving from Africa will aggravate the situation

The maximum temperatures will reach 37 degrees already this Friday – but in any case 36 degrees are expected by Thursday – and will remain at this peak at least until Monday the 18th of July, inaugurating the second half of July if possible even hotter than expected.

From the middle of the month, in fact, all regions of Italy will be hit by a new heat wave due to the arrival of an anticyclone from Africa: this phenomenon will be the root of the expected rise in temperatures in the next few years. days. Our territories in the north will be hit first, but the anticyclone will spare no one in its crossing of the peninsula.

A blow when you consider that 2022 has already been ranked as the warmest year ever, and the month of June that has just passed was the second warmest ever in Europe. The recorded temperatures were 1.6 degrees above average, mainly due to the extreme heat in Spain, France and Italy. These are the data according to the Coldiretti analysis on the climate bulletin for the European Copernicus program.

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And if you take a closer look at our territory, the data from MeteoComo reveals that the month of June ended with temperatures above two degrees above the norm and thus occupies the fourth place as the warmest month since 1989, after 2003, 2000 and 2019..

Really bad news, as the rise in temperatures will further increase the drought situation that the whole of Italy is experiencing – a state of emergency has been recognized in five regions, including Lombardy – and that in our territories it is symbolized by Lario, whose waters are tumbling. down. The situation is destined to worsen because no rain is expected in the next week and it has already been a critical month: there were only 9 days marked by rainfall.

The fear is above all for the local ecosystem, starting from the lake, which is strongly affected by these temperatures and watching its level drop more and more.

“Of course, the implications for water are clear,” explains Davide Sironi, an expert in 3B meteo. The situation, without causing alarmism, is worrying “

However, agricultural production in Lombardy is also at risk, as condemned by the National Association of Consortia for Management and Protection of the Territory (ANBI), concerned about the scarcity of rainfall and the expected temperature rises. Meanwhile, the outflow of water from Lario is also declining, an intervention that is crucial on the one hand to stabilize lake levels, but on the other hand, the reduction of water for irrigation causes significant problems for crops.

“We are at a historic low,” adds Paolo Pierobon, of Meteorologia Comasca. “Without rain, the only thing to do is shut off the water that goes down to the valley and bring cubic meters from the alpine reservoirs.” We must also keep in mind that from next week, if the models do not change, there will be a strong heat wave, which will increase evaporation.

Not only that: there are several areas in Como that have been hit by drought, and in some cases it was also necessary to stop the aqueducts during the night. Health should also be considered as children and the elderly are extremely vulnerable

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