Summer maintenance restarts well in September. Service Ghetti 3 tells us about it

Leonardo Pallai, Service Manager for Ghetti 3, talks to us about how important summer maintenance is to restart after the holidays to avoid machine downtime: “It doesn’t take much to get back on track, contact us immediately”

We are in high summer, and although companies may not close completely or for extended periods and often try to maintain a minimum service, there are still declines in operations and planned closures.

According to the Ghetti 3 Service, this operational “calm” represents the ideal opportunity to perform all the maintenance activities that are difficult to deploy in everyday life because they would interrupt the work rhythm.

He told us about it Leonardo Pallai, Service Manager for Ghetti 3which has made it a mission to provide concrete support to customers, help them avoid machine downtime or handle them as painlessly as possible.

Ghetti 3: how to make a period of downturn productive

Do not pay for inactivity!
It does not take much to get started with our advice and with
specific checklists for each type of environment and work.

“We always advise our customers to take advantage of any fall from summer jobs to maintenance activities” explains Pallai, who continues: “With our advice, you can also make a period of downtime, such as summer, productive. Leaving the machines stopped and expecting them to resume normal operation would be a mistake, you risk paying for inactivity! But it does not take much to get off to a good start, and we at Ghetti 3 are here with lots of advice and with specific checklists for any type of environment and work ”.

The working height for many companies corresponds to September after the holiday. The machines are then exposed to intense stress, from stationary for several days to intensive use: the perfect condition for the occurrence of problems.. “Based on our experience – Pallai always explains – in most cases it is easily avoidable problems with a check and maintenance activity, on the batteries or on the engine.

We, as Service Ghetti 3, support our customers, for example, by giving them a kind checklist for restarting the wagons.

For this we recommend our customers to contact us to have advice on vehicle maintenance and battery chargingin order not to incur downtime when reopening “.

That Service Ghetti 3 is always in operation, even in August. Companies are gradually becoming aware of the importance of entering into service and maintenance contracts in order to have machines that are always efficient and well-functioning. However, it is important to turn to reliable partners. “For example, we have a spare parts service that is always active and accessible, our assistance is 360 degrees, not only on forklifts, but also on doors and loading bays. We also provide replacements as a buffer during maintenance or long stops. “.


A distinctive aspect that characterizes Ghetti 3, and its Service in particular, is its presence in the area. “Our concept regarding capillary presence in the territory has materialized in the choice of external technicians living in the area where they work. This is a fundamental aspect for us because in addition to reducing the timing of the journey to reach the customer, it allows us to have partners who know the customers, live in the same environment, the same dynamics. It is a very important aspect because mutual knowledge and trust are created, between technician and customer, on the basis of a fruitful collaboration. “.


Reliability and presence complete a service that is first and foremost professional trained and qualified techniciansis on machines and on issues related to security.

Besides being technical, they are too consultants, because they are able to advise the customer on the most appropriate interventions for the characteristics of his company. In fact beyond “Standard maintenance contracts – Pallai explains – we can define tailor-made contract types based on work environments and internal organization “.

The professionalism of the technicians is supported by one advanced equipment: “Fully equipped and state-of-the-art mobile workshops that often allow troubleshooting on the first outing”.

The Ghetti 3 service therefore has the primary purpose of helping businesses have always effective means and as we have seen, this time of year is particularly well suited to taking care of the vehicles, a fundamental asset to any activity, whether it is a manufacturing company, warehouse or logistics.

Machine downtime is actually every company’s nightmare, as a machine that stops working is a problem that can cause criticism on several fronts:

  • Timing: work is slowed down or stopped, this blocks the procedures by extending the timing that falls on customers and suppliers, causing further critical problems
  • Costs: a damaged machine needs to be repaired or even replaced. If the repair times are long, it is also necessary to find an alternative that represents an additional expense
  • DamageBreakage of a machine can also cause damage to goods, other machines or the structure. But even more seriously, it can cause accidents that also involve people

In short, it is appropriate to say that it is much better to avoid these situations. Today, thanks above all to the latest technologies, it is even possible to perform preventive maintenance by introducing all the necessary interventions to prevent at least the most predictable problems from occurring. But if this was not enough, it is desirable that the intervention be done as soon as possible.

That is why it is important to have a professional, present and reliable business partner to turn to. | | Ghetti 3 on Linkedin

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