Prime Day 2022: offers at stake

Prime Day 2022: offers on games and toys for children and babies. The best toy at discounted prices on Amazon on July 12th and 13th

Prime Day 2022: offers on games and toys

Prime Day lasts until July 13, the big deal that Amazon gives to its customers registered in the Amazon Prime program. On 12 and 13 July 2022 offers and discounted prices on many products for the whole family, and if you have not already done so, now is the time to sign up for Prime: after the first 30 days of free trial, the subscription only costs 36 euros a year to have a wide range of benefits. Amazon Prime customers can take advantage of unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows thanks to Prime Video, unlimited access to Prime Photos, Prime Reading, Prime Music and early access to Amazon Lightning Deals.

Amazon Prime customers in Italy can benefit from unlimited shipping at no extra cost in 1 day on over 2 million products, and shipping takes place in 2 or 3 days on many millions of other items. With Prime Now, Prime customers in Rome, Milan, Turin and the surrounding areas can buy tens of thousands of products and receive them within an hour or two.

But let’s talk about the products we’ve selected for you: we’ve taken a look at Prime Day deals on games and toys for our children. Here are the ones you must not miss!

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Lego and constructions

Two LEGO Build Challenges in 1 Set – This amazing 2-in-1 Max-D monster truck can be converted into a quad with a retractable function for even longer playing time – a children’s retractable action makes it easy for children to start both truck and quad.

An intricate Elsa Frozen 2 jewelry box to store their valuables safely and locked inside will also find 2 LEGO rings. This collector’s item LEGO has 1 Elsa mini doll and 1 Nokk minifigure, 1 water spirit, plus it has a rotation function to see the figures spin in front of the mirror.

  • For children from 6 years and up.

Intelligent magnetic building blocks include 30 squares, 26 alphabet letters, 16 numbers and symbols, 12 triangles, 4 hexagons, 2 screws, 1 base block, 1 link block, 1 stand block. All with different colors.

  • For children from 3 years and up.

A small format for a great imagination. The box contains 13 rods in different glitter colors, 16 balls and a square glitter base. Geomag is the most famous magnetic building game in the world, consisting of magnetized rods and metal balls.

  • For children from 3 years and up.

Pools and outdoor games

Playhouse that includes nature learning activities. Includes: 2 separate waste bins, city garden tools, rainwater tank, wind turbine, false solar panel, nest and bird food.

  • For children from 2 years.

Laser X Blaster plays the challenges inside and outside the home. The package contains 2 Laser Blasters and 2 Receivers. Laser Blaster with light effects, indicator for remaining shots, LED for team membership. Receivers with indicator for remaining playing time, team selector, headphone beam.

  • For children from 4 years.

These sand molds include 1 sand water wheel, 1 truck bucket, 1 water jug, 1 beach bucket, 4 castle molds, 4 dinosaur molds, 9 food molds (croissant, pizza, ice cream), 4 beach sets shovel tools and storage mask.

The cute water play mat in the shape of an owl with a few wings around the edge. The water sprays all the way through the holes in the sprinkler mat around the sides. It is made of durable and environmentally friendly BPA-free PVC.

Family pool made of resistant material with a thickness of 0.40 mm. The inflatable Brace Master pool uses BPA-free materials. Adds a thick bottom layer to protect against the cold on the ground and avoid a rapid drop in water temperature.

Board game

Twister Game Challenges Kids: Twister Game challenges players to place their hands and feet on the mat in different positions without falling. Just like in the classic Twister, the final player in this game wins for children aged 6 and up.

  • For 6 years and up.

In this fun board game, every intersection takes you to exciting turns, changes of direction and adventure. The game is for 2-4 players.

  • For children from 8 years and up

A fascinating game of cards and storytelling to stimulate imagination and fantasy: to be played with family and friends.
For children from 8 years.

The first games for babies

4 detachable legs. Suitable for different places to play. Many activities, such as piano, violin, book, clock, etc. Press various buttons, the music toy can emit colorful light and wonderful sounds. Cute cartoons and bright colors can attract children’s attention. Train baby’s practical abilities and stimulate children’s imagination.

  • For children from 1 year.

Construction game for kids with 10 different Fisher Price blocks to choose from, stack and place in the bucket. When the game is over, all the blocks can be put back in the bucket.

  • For babies from 6 months.

Musical walking toy for babies, with 2 ways to play that follow the baby’s growth: Sitting and standing play. The practical handle and robust base with 4 wheels make the baby’s first steps more stable.

  • For children from 6 months.

Scientific and intelligent games

The perfect set to safely create a makeup classic: lipsticks. In the package everything you need to create, color and perfume lipsticks and lip glosses.

  • For children from 8 years and up.

A game involving classification and tactile manipulation, in line with the Montessori method. The child has to place many things in the right place, but he will also be able to recreate the house by arranging the rooms in a different way, he will discover many words to learn to read.

  • For children from 2 years and up.

With this amazing science lab with 110 experiments, the fun never ends! It contains everything you need to perform experiments and approach the world of chemistry, physics, botany, engineering and optics in an easy, fun and engaging way.

  • For children from 8 years.

A unique and original robot that can be built, with many fun game modes! Thanks to the two infrared sensors, my new robot can avoid obstacles and can follow your hand like a real dog. Using the microphone, you can command it simply by clapping your hands, while with the push button on the back you can program its path.

  • For children from 8 years and up.

Creative games

Children can play puzzles with pieces of paper and draw with the pen on the white magnetic side; on the blackboard, can be used to draw and write with colored chalk. With more than 100 puzzle cards (including animals, plants), children can design different pictures with the different magnetic pieces.

  • For children from 3 years and up.

Choose the transparency and model you prefer and overlay a white sheet with the model silhouette. Trace the contours you need. You can combine motifs and accessories of different models, or create models according to your own imagination.

  • For children from 6 years and up.

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