Photographic exhibition dedicated to the training ship “Amerigo Vespucci”, the most beautiful in the world

Livorno, July 12, 2022 – Livorno celebrates Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian Navy’s training ship, with an exhibit at the Livorno City Museum, Bottini dell’Olio, from August 3 to October 30, 2022.
Entitled “The Most Beautiful in the World”, the photographic exhibition, promoted by the municipality of Livorno and rejected in about fifty images, by Maki Galimberti and Massimo Sestini, aims to show an unprecedented face of the famous sailing ship, launched at the shipyards of Castellammare of Stabia in 1931.


Extremely current images of the training ship, author images of men and women that make up the prestigious crew, taken in their daily activities, enhance the beauty of the unit
fleet that the world envies us. The title of the exhibition is inspired by the phrase from the commander of the aircraft carrier USS Independence, who crossed Vespucci in 1962 in Mediterranean waters.
With flashes of light, our ship was asked to identify itself. The answer was “Amerigo Vespucci training ship. Italian fleet”. The American commander responded with a phrase that has remained famous: “The most beautiful ship in the world”.

In fact, this 101 meter long sailing ship is truly the most beautiful ship in the world with its 29 canvas sails, still sewn by hand.
Italian excellence in the world, the friend of the Livorno people, who for generations has observed it several times a year in the harbor, wants through the city museum’s exhibition to become a symbol of the friendship that binds the city to the prestigious Navy Academy.

With the inauguration scheduled for August 3, coinciding with the 34th edition of the Effetto Venezia (a review of music, art, street theater taking place in the Livorno district of Venice), a road of national and international reach opens up, because Vespucci is the most famous sailing ship in the world that is able to attract visitors not only from Livorno.
On the Vespucci, in the masculine because it originates from the prefix RL, Regio Legno, there is no discrimination between men and women because the official cadets are considered as one body.
Equal rights and, above all, equal duties. Physical tests are the same for everyone, of necessity, because you can not save yourself at sea.
And this exhibition wants to demonstrate it, through shots from a crew at the maneuver, with the same tasks.
In short, Vespucci has a masculine name, but the determination of the women who have made it work since 2000 is female.

Carla Bardelli, born in Livorno and at heart, spent 35 years in Paris as a freelance correspondent for Panorama and Vanity Fair. Back in the city that saw her birth, she wanted to pay tribute to Vespucci, whose image has always accompanied her on her journey as a migrant, making her proud to belong to the Livorno people.

Massimo Sestini, World Press Photo 2015, in the section General
News, has worked with the most prestigious magazines in the world, from Time to Le Monde. Collaborator of the Italian military institutions, he photographed Vespucci from privileged positions, such as helicopters or aircraft from the Italian navy.
Maki Galimberti, one of the most popular photographers in Italian publishing.
In his portfolio, movie stars, from Tony Servillo to Fiorello, but also celebrities across the board, from sports to literature. His images of the Vespucci crew reinforce his role and at the same time make him strong and vulnerable: very human in short and above all fascinating.

Art Director
Alberto Pejrano, former artistic director of Vanity Fair, Tu, has worked for Panorama, Panorama Travel and Epoca, has curated
the artistic and technical content of the exhibition, which enhances the beauty
of the pictures that he was able to insert in the magnificent location of the city museum, which through his talent became a natural treasure chest to put the most precious jewel: the Amerigo Vespucci Museum in the city of Livorno


Bymuseet – Bottini dell’Olio Kulturcenter – Piazza del Posto Pio

0586/824551 – 824552


from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00
Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00
Monday closed

€ 5.00 full; • € 3.00 reduced; • 8.00 € cumulative ticket with exhibition visit
Gilardi (Section for Contemporary Art at the City Museum);
€ 10.00 cumulative ticket with a visit to the Gilardi Exhibition (Section for Modern Art in the City Museum) and the G. Fattori Civic Museum;
• Free for officer students and officers from the Naval Academy of Livorno (upon presentation of an ID card)

Dr. Ursula Galli
Livorno Municipality Town Hall Square 1, Livorno
tel. 0586-820237
Carla Bardelli
tel. 3200262196

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