Insecticide and children: can it be used?

Insecticide and children: what are the risks, what are the rules to follow to use products against insects and parasites at home without risk

Insecticide and children: are there any dangers?

The warm season comes with the desire to open the windows, give new life to window sills and terraces, decorate the house with plants and flowers. So here come the ants, the parasites, not to mention the insects lurking in the food because of the heat. Insects can usually be eliminated with special products, but ienepticide and children do they go together? Let’s see together.

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What are insecticides for?

That insecticides they are substances that have the ability to fight insects, kill or remove them and which can be used for various purposes. They are at the center of many discussions about Crops and therefore our diet, but they are also part of everyday life: i plant parasitesthe invasion of antsthat The Beatles or the wasp nest… How many times have we used a product to get rid of unwanted guests? However, it is necessary to evaluate the possible connection betweennepticide and children before you decide how and which one you want to use.

Which insecticide is bad for children’s health

There are numerous studies that point to this insecticides And pesticides they have negative health consequencesfor this reason, many substances they contain are now banned in agriculture, and even more, many families are choosing more and more organic products for their table (but also organic clothing, made from natural materials free of toxic substances).

Between substances more hazardous to healthespecially that of children, there are pyrethroids, contained in many products against insects. If they are exposed to these drugs before the age of six, children can also have cognitive developmental disorders, which then have consequences for learning and social life.

In particular, it is believed that among those pyrethroids is above all deltamethrin to cause health damage. The World Health Organization keeps it moderate poisonouswhile in Italy it is classified as harmful or not classified according to its concentration. It is also an extremely toxic substance for cats: therefore, pay attention to its use if you have a cat at home.

What insecticides should you avoid at home if you have children

But that’s why it is forbidden to use insecticide if you have children in the house? More or less: It is very important that the product is used in areas where children and pets do not have access. Here are some tips for one proper management and elimination of insects And parasites in the home:

  • if you have any flies in the pantryempty everything, clean, throw the food out and never remember to keep any package open, rather put pasta, cereals, legumes and flour in hermetically sealed jars
  • if you have an invasion of antsbefore using an insecticide, make sure why and where they come from, try to eradicate the cause and then try natural remedies such as vinegar, cloves, cinnamon, lemon juice or coffee grounds
  • if you see one cockroach, do not crush it, but try to catch it and throw it; call a pest control company and avoid doing it yourself, they will be able to give you accurate information on how to protect the children of the house
  • whose plants are invaded by parasitestreat them with a phytotherapeutic product (based on plants) and try to isolate the plant itself in a place that children do not have access to
  • If you want use an insecticidechoose one based on permethrinusually broad spectrum but with low human toxicity compared to those based on other pyrethroids

Generally speaking, if you have children in the house it is best to limit the use of insecticides. Keep pantry and kitchen clean, avoid crumbs, isolate infested plants and seek professional help if you have an infestation. Before buying an insecticide, check its composition and when choosing fruits and vegetables, you prefer it biologicalor wash and peel food.

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