How to deal with a bad grade in school:

How to handle it

Getting a bad grade in school can be scary, and the fear of having to catch up or tell your parents makes it worse. But being discouraged and panicky is not a good idea, and there are far better ways to tackle a task or question that has gone wrong. First, it’s good scale back what happened: a vote does not define who we are and does not indelibly mark our path. Having a bad grade does not mean that we are worthless or that the school year is compromised, so there is no need to live out this experience as a drama. A bad grade can happen to anyone during the school year.

On the contrary, it can serve as a starting point for to analyze the situation as a whole and assess the reasons why we did not reach the goal. To cry oneself, figuratively or literally, to get angry or terrified is of no use. On the other hand, it is very important to ask yourself the cause of a bad character both to face it and to regain it. Maybe the failure came because we did not study, maybe we prioritized something else, or we felt bad or the bad character depends on the fact that we did not understand the key concepts or on the fact that we were overwhelmed by anxiety. Based on the answers, a way will also be found to deal with the bad grade, regain it and be able to tell it to the parents.

How to recover

To succeed retrieving a bad grade, we must first analyze what led to a failure. Generally in reasons as you get a bad grade for there are three: you have studied little or nothing, you have not understood the subject or you have been gripped by a total emptiness during the assignment or the interrogation. We then analyze the situation and assess how much time we have set aside for the investigation, whether this time has been profitable or not, and what happened during the assignment or the interrogation.

If we have neglected the study and prioritized friends or leisure activities, or if we have not been able to learn the concepts, it is possible that the “mistake” is fatigue. In order not to repeat the negative experience, it might be appropriate to revieworganization of their time, and make sure to find a balance between study and leisure. When you spend a lot of time on books for a while without getting enough rest, it is possible that you lose motivation, concentration and study becomes almost impossible. At this point, any distraction leads away from what you are studying. Taking a break before going back to studying the subject can make it easier retrieving The vote.

If, on the other hand, the inadequacy stems from a lack of understanding of the topic or of some key concepts, it is ideal to discuss with the professor and ask him to explain what is not clear. In this case, it is also very helpful to discuss it with classmates who are strong in the subject where we got a bad grade, especially if we are not able to get in harmony with the teacher’s teaching method.

What should we do if, on the other hand, we had studied well, but at the time of the interrogation we had a quiet scene? If you were torn withanxiety, so much so as not to be able to reveal concepts that have been studied well and for a long time, it will be necessary to work on dealing with emotions. Learning to control thoughts and emotions is very important for a successful study, and there are some simple breathing techniques and natural remedies for anxiety that can help a lot. For example, it is not a good idea before an interrogation to repeat in your mind that you know nothing and that you have not studied enough: Breathing and focusing on your breathing for a few minutes helps ward off these counterproductive thoughts. . In order to stay calm and focused without being carried away by agitation, it is very helpful to use lavender essential oil or herbal tea based on chamomile and lemon balm.

Once we have analyzed the reasons behind the bad character, we know what led to the failure and we will be able to get back in the books know what to do to recover.

How to tell parents

Reporting a bad grade to parents can be difficult because you are afraid of disappointing them and you are afraid of theirs. reaction negative. The temptation to hide the bad character comes to everyone, but it’s not a good idea: they would figure it out anyway, and it would be worse. It is certainly better to tell the truth when you keep in mind that even your parents as young people will almost certainly have had a similar experience. Plus, their judgment does not change just because of a bad character.

To tell the parents that we got a bad grade, we explain to them what went wrong. If we have analyzed the causes of a failure, we know it very well what to say to parents. From their point of view, stating that we have already evaluated our mistakes will demonstrate maturity and a willingness to correct, therefore it will reassure them and make the truth less bitter.

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