From strikes to social engagement, Fabio graduated with 100 in Legnano tells about his school

First-class representative of the ISIS Dell’Acqua Institute and then a member of the youth council, present at any extracurricular activities but also in the front row during strikes to ask for more attention at the school. A commitment that did not prevent Fabio Panella to keep the high average and graduate from Isis Dell’Acqua with full grade: “I’m not here to strike to skip a school day, but to assert our rights,” he said of a demonstration outside Dell’Acqua.

In his class, they also took 100 Xhorxha Nikaj And Giulia Pezzoni and while we were waiting to gather all the names of the excellent graduates from the Legnano schools – the oral exams are still going on – we exchanged some impressions with him about the academic qualification obtained after five years marked by great change and many difficulties.

Fabio, how was the exam?

For the two written tests, we trained to be as clear as possible; In particular, the address test was a mirror of the tests conducted during the year. In the oral session, I was offered the picture by Judge Borsellino: thanks to the meetings the school had suggested with criminal lawyers and associations like Libera on the topic of mafia, I was able to connect all the topics and talk about the topic at. 360 degrees. It was inspiring, and although we were initially shaken by the addition of the two written tests, we were not punished.

On the other hand, did the two years of pandemic and distance learning punish you?

Under the danger, teachers were prejudiced about our level of preparation due to the strong tendency to distract or to copy. In general, the motivations for studying could also fail, but for me it was the opposite: During distance learning, I worked harder, it was an incentive to do better.

As for social relationships, how were they experienced?

It was difficult to resume the relationship between classmates: on returning home, after the closures and restrictions, there was a lot of mistrust. We got closer in March as we all attended first class dinner together; on that occasion the class was with. Then, finally, after two years, we also took the trip, though only one day, to Verona. It was also a good time to rediscover the lost company.

Why did you choose to be a representative at your school?

I like politics, talking and being with people. I’ve always had a leadership role in trying to help my classmates, and I said, let’s try, first as a class representative and then as an institute representative. Also for these reasons, I joined the municipality’s youth council, a body that I consider very important to bring the institutions closer to the young people. We work on summer events and have been involved in the co-design of the youth center in the former Verri high school.

As a representative, you also “lead” a strike that led many students to demonstrate in front of Dell’Acqua.

We had demonstrated to ask for more security measures and to resolve issues that had dragged on for some time. As a representative, I felt obliged to make the voice of the school heard. When I looked at my department from the outside, I noticed after graduation how much this has changed in the last three months: cthere are fewer broken windows, heaters work and there are bike racks. Work on the gym has also begun. There is still a lot to improve at the infrastructural level – for example, we are asking for a safe space for motorcycles – and we also need a stronger contact between the institution and the schools in Legnano so that the children’s needs are met. The new council is taking steps in this direction. I am not saying that our event has contributed to all of this, but I am convinced that it is important to have your voice heard to improve what is wrong.

What has been the hardest and most beautiful moment in these 5 years?

The hardest, this year, where we came in a kind of quarantine; the most beautiful thing was the change from 2nd to 3rd high school when I realized that the time in school had to be utilized and lived to the fullest.

What do you want to do next year?

I will soon be traveling to Ireland where I will be staying for three weeks to become an Erasmus Ambassador. Then I take a month off, and in September I think I’m going to university, I think, engineer. In the meantime, I would also like to do some work

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