For Ukrainian children with disabilities, the effort is higher

“The war in Ukraine poses a threat to the childhood and future of all children in the country. For boys and girls with disabilities, the stakes are even higher. It is our responsibility to support them with their families and guarantee them access to services and resources,” he said. Murat Shahin, UNICEF Representative in Ukraine, who, in order to respond precisely to the needs of children with disabilities affected by war in Ukraine, joined some ministries in the country and the Dzherelo Childhood Rehabilitation Center

Alexandr, Ukrainian girl with a disability, together with Vlada

To meet the needs of children and of girls with disabilities affected by war in Ukraine, L ‘UNICEFwhich is famous United Nations Children’s Fund, has merged with the Ukrainian Ministries of Education and Science, Health and Social Policy as well as the Dzherelo Childhood Rehabilitation Center.
The emergency response aims to help children with disabilities and families affected by the conflict to obtain professional and specialized support and information on where they can access available services and resources. As part of the project, mobile teams consisting of professionals are available to reach out and support children with disabilities in remote areas.

This answer is part of the program Spilno UNICEF, which aims to strengthen the obligations of government, local authorities, civil society and partner companies to provide multisectoral support to families with children affected by war. The procedure is available in seven regions Ukrainian (Volynska, Zakarpatska, Ivano-Frankivska, Lvivska, Rivnenska, Ternopilska and Chernivetska), where distribution of services is possible and where displaced families are concentrated.
With regard to the initiative, Murat ShahinUNICEF representative in Ukraine, noted the war in Ukraine poses a threat to the childhood and future of all children in the country. For children with disabilities the stakes are even higher. It is our responsibility to support children with disabilities and their families and ensure them access to services and resources ”.

The project brings together different specialists to provide complex personal assistance to each boy and girl. Project experts will provide important information on how children with disabilities in host communities can access services, and train social workers and other local professionals how they can better support them. Thanks to this project, parents and caregivers will be provided with the necessary specialist counseling and psychological support.
“Even before the war,” he declared Serhiy Shkarlet, Ukraine’s Minister of Education and Science – Children with disabilities have faced challenges in realizing their rights, including access to inclusive services and education. The situation has now been exacerbated by the conflict, exacerbating its vulnerability. Our project wants to put children with disabilities – that they often remain invisible – at the heart of the response and continue to build a complex system where they can feel protected ».
This is instead the statement of Viktor Lyashko, Minister of Health: «Quality and timely access to specialized assistance, including psychological support, were crucial even before the extensive invasion of Russia. Now it has become to provide basic support to boys and girls with disabilities more importantly. For this we do everything we can for remove barriers to access to services“.
“It was important to us,” he concluded Maryna Lazebna, Ukraine’s Minister of Social Policy – to provide support to children with disabilities and their families, as well as to host communities where the number of people has increased significantly due to internal displacement. Children and their families must have access to quality services that minimize the traumatic consequences of war. War has a disproportionate impact on children with disabilities and their families. That is why they must be at the center of the government’s and the municipalities ‘attention’. (Simona Lancioni)

In the column to the right of our article with the title Living with a rare disease during the bombing (at this link) is present the list of contributions dedicated in recent months by «» to the war in Ukraine and the situation of people with disabilities.
This contribution has already appeared on the website of Informare un’H-Centro Gabriele and Lorenzo Giuntinelli in Peccioli (Pisa), and is reproduced here – with some changes due to the different container – with kind permission.

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