Design Thinking and Design Sprint: what is it?

What is Design thinking? What is the difference between Thinkint design And Sprint design? What tools and approach do you need to have to apply these strategies? In this article, we will try to clarify and identify characteristics and differences between Design thinking And Sprint design. These are two approaches that are effective in many cases: building a project from scratch, as one start upto refine your own brand identityto conceive a new one advertising campaign, but also to modify or improve an existing product. The areas of application are endless! Actually Design thinking and Sprint designare not just new techniques for devising creative ideas, but a real one way of thinking and solving problems.

Design thinking

Let’s start from the origin, the Design thinking. This approach focusing on human ability to solve problems through visions f creative solutions. Design Thinking was primarily born in the studios in design and in creative agencies, but can also be used in other areas. Why is this approach used?

In today’s scenario is digital transformation has increased the use of Design thinking to solve problems within the web environment. The presence of a brand in the digital environment is important today. To this is web monitoring service the Press Eco prefers a collection of data that allows one to develop one conscious communication strategy. Based on this foundation, an approach like Design Sprint is effective in implementing projects and solving problems of various kinds.

Design Sprint: A Google Methodology

Design Thinking;  Sprint Design;  creativity;  announcement;  problem solving;  brainstorming;  solve problems

The methodology for Sprint design proposed by Google allowed to generate a tool similar to Design thinkingbut primarily in support of digital nature.

This new method was born in the first months of 2016, which utilizes some key features of Design Thinking. Design Sprint was named after Jake Knapp, author of the famous book “Sprint”. New digital experiences, growth of startups in the digital field, are all situations where the application of this method is successful. In this method, there are still some basic principles for Design thinking, as the creative component. That said, let’s see how a project develops in detail Sprint design.

How does it work?

This approach consists of creating and participating in a number of workshop. These activities allow you to create and validate new ideas, ideas or products, but also improve existing ones. The duration of a Design Sprint project, with all its activities, usually takes place in a few days’ work one week.

Lego, Airbnb, Uber, Zalando, Facebook and many other realities have been using this method for many years. Moreover, even small businesses lately seem to be more and more interested, many have already benefited from this method. The workshops aim to ignite the creativity needed to solve problems related to production processes, business organization and branding strategies.

Design Sprint and Design Thinking: Creativity and Common Things

Design Thinking;  Sprint Design;  creativity;  announcement;  problem solving;  brainstorming;  solve problems

Both Sprint design to Design thinking is based on the basic principle of creativity. Especially by relying on the ability of the people involved in the process to be and show themselves creative.

Not surprisingly, during a project of this type, you will find tools and methods aimed precisely at generations of ideasas the imaginative: How can we or Crazy’s 8. Two playful but very effective examples in the construction of hypothetical scenarios that favor creativity.

Especially Sprint design, encourages a critical vision. In this case, there are actually a number of larger sessions dedicated to individual reflectionsomething that does not always happen on a large scale in connection with Design Thinking.

The second aspect that unites these two methods is the role of the component of prototyping. In fact, Design Thinking and Design Sprint not only define the steps needed to imagine a creative idea or a solution. Thanks to these methods, the working group helps to produce an idea that is as practical and concrete as possible. Therefore, the realization of a becomes really important prototype.

In the case of Design thinking Let’s talk about Road map with precise passages where it is identified how the solution should be developed and put into practice. In it Sprint design we are talking about more concrete and almost functional digital prototypes.

The differences

Let us now look at the differences between the two methods, such as the role of the user in the two processes. That Sprint design it often stems from a challenge that is internal to the company. That Design thinkingmore often it stems from the need to observe the needs and solve problems of end users. One tool that is very common in Design Thinking is ethnographic research. Design Sprint, on the other hand, prefers tools such asAB test.

Another difference is quite clear duration of the two approaches. A Design Thinking project has a variable duration ranging from days to months, even years. A Design Sprinti project has a duration that is most often defined as being inside 5 working days.

This difference, of course, has an impact dynamic Used. On the one hand, Design Thinking provides phases of broader “divergeza”, where countless free-spirited ideas are generated, real moments of brainstorming. In it Sprint design, greater emphasis is placed on the “convergence phase” that is present in most of the days dedicated to the project. In this case, ie decision-making moments therefore have greater weight.

Both approaches predict a momentary increase of potential for success, will evaluate the pros and cons of the solution found. This moment is happening too Design thinking after some time so that the idea could have subsided. In it Sprint design this phase takes place instead directly on the last day of the process.

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